Summit Eye Care: Checking Your Eye Health

As September surrounds us, many changes have occurred.  The beach trips are over until next summer, and the children have had their updated eye examinations as they have returned to school.

Now may be the time to concentrate on the parents and grandparents.  Have you had your eye health checkup? Have you postponed that cataract surgery? Does that black spot in your vision continue to annoy you? Are you diabetic and maybe have been putting off that exam your primary care physician keeps reminding you to schedule?  Does glaucoma run in your family, and you have had good intentions of having your eyes checked to make sure you have no signs of the “silent eye disease”?

Now is the time! Summit Eye Care provides services for all the above and more.  Dr. Vic Khemsara utilizes the most advanced technology available for the diagnosing and treatment of cataracts.  Once a cataract diagnosis has been made, and the patient has determined their lifestyle is being affected by their decreasing vision or halos at night, the newest technology is used to make recommendations to the patient for the best individual treatment. Information and options are presented so the patient can choose what is best for him/her.  The actual surgery is performed while employing the best technology available, including laser and advanced technology lens implants.

Diabetic patients and glaucoma patients are diagnosed, treated, and provided with close follow up to prevent vision loss from these two diseases.  Those aggravating floaters can now be “dissolved” by a laser procedure performed in the office setting. This latest technology eliminates these floaters in 1-3 treatments, which take approximately 10-12 minutes.

Summit Eye Care also offers eye examinations for spectacle corrections, contact lens fittings, specialty contact lens fittings, treatments for eye infections, and growths on the eyelids and eyeballs.

Remember – parents and grandparents must take care of their eyes in order to maintain good vision so they are ready to be there for the children. Let us at Summit Eye Care assist you.  Call today for an appointment: 336-765-0960.



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