6 Ways to Get Uncomfortable

This world will always challenge us. No matter how mature, intelligent, accomplished, or fearless we may be, life always has a hurdle for us. But these hurdles only flex our leg muscles so we can learn how to jump higher and reach new heights in life. Who enjoys being uncomfortable? I don’t see many hands going up! There is something profound about being outside of our comfort zones, no matter how inconvenient it feels at the moment. We don’t really learn and develop by waltzing through the same routine all the time. We must pivot our feet every once in a while if we want to spice up our steps.

What I’m projecting here is that we take calculated risks, jump into the water and do something we’ve never done before to not only shape our minds, but shape the outcome of our lives for the greater. Here are some unique ways to get uncomfortable and add more quality to your life.

Learn something new. What is something you have always wanted to learn but were always afraid to try? Maybe it’s painting? Or playing an instrument? Maybe it’s something as simple as learning how to drive? If it’s something you are afraid to learn, chances are it’s outside of your comfort zone. How will learning this new hobby, talent, or skill make you better in life? Will it take you closer to your purpose or your dreams?

Speak up more. In such a verbal world, people only know you to the degree by which you speak. If you speak a lot, they likely have a great wealth of knowledge about you. Similarly, if you speak very little, you’re perceived as mysterious and not many people know your needs, aspirations, likes, or dislikes. Are you the type that needs to speak up more? What will this do for you? People will get a greater idea of who you are, what you want out of life, and what you can offer. Sometimes speaking up requires more than just opening your mouth. It often requires the usage of your gifts and talents as modes of communication. It can be a more elaborate way of letting people know who you are and what you’re about. Speaking adds power into your life and you will eventually attract the things you speak over yourself.

Face your fears. Cliché? Yes, but facing fears will never go out of style. Living life in fear is more dangerous than doing the things that scare you. Staying in the safety lane only leads us to a predictable life with no elevation, promotion, or reward. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Every day, do something that scares you.”

Pioneering. This is possibly the most daunting of them all. If there’s a vision inside of you to do or create something that this world has never seen before, this world could really use it. Do you feel called to be a trailblazer for a cause? Do you feel led to launch a business, ministry, or a nonprofit organization? It’s not easy breaking from tradition and mainstream to do something the world, or even your own community, has never seen before, but it is rewarding when you see how others benefit from your courage.

Expand your social circle. These days, it’s become socially acceptable to have fewer friends instead of many, or even to just kick it by yourself. But just as there is beauty in having a small circle, there is also a prize in having many connections because there’s always “a guy that knows a guy.” Surround yourself with people who challenge and sharpen you. You should never be the smartest person in your circle; there’s no growth there.

Be more transparent. Yes, it’s time to get real! Being honest with ourselves is uncomfortable because many of us don’t want to encounter who we really are: our faults, mistakes, how we really measure up. But we will never know how to improve ourselves without that metaphorical CT scan. Being at peace with ourselves starts with going through the discomfort of turning inward.

Being uncomfortable helps us to build skills, confidence, and adds great quality to our lives.



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