April: The Perfect Month To Curl Up With A Book!

What better season than spring to dive into your favorite book while celebrating your love of reading? From across the nation, all will salute the month of April with their favorite book, during “National Library Week.” The nationwide celebration begins on April 7th and runs the entire week until April 13th. First sponsored in 1958, […]

The View From This Side: April 2019

April – already?!?! But here we are!  So much is going on and time is flying by.  I have to first thank everyone for your prayers, emails, and cards.  Tim is still recovering, but working hard in physical therapy and doing beautifully! And I was finally able to start my radiation treatments so, needless to say, we […]

Overcoming Complacency

So, we have a tree with a fair number of branches. Each branch signifies definitive life experiences that shaped that tree and brought forth bountiful fruit. But somewhere during the growth process, we noticed that this tree’s growth has stunted and is no longer producing branches. And when this tree doesn’t produce branches, no new […]

April is National Credit Union Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth month and this year’s theme is all about the future:  The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!  When it comes to managing money, at Piedmont Advantage Credit Union we’re encouraging young members to express themselves through pictures.  This lets future savers creatively share their own […]

Serving Something Beautiful

BY GWEN FRISBIE-FULTON The word around the kitchen is that Chef Vanessa is strict and no-nonsense, maybe even a bit of a taskmaster. But after each Providence Culinary Training graduation, the graduates line up to hug her and thank her warmly… every time. “I knew nothing about cooking,” Vanessa Lanier confesses, remembering back 11 years […]

The Month of NO

As a woman with children who works in a corporate workplace, I find myself saying “yes” to much more than I should. A combination of liking to be busy, enjoying many different hobbies and activities, and a deep desire to prove myself in both the workplace and as an involved mother has proven to be […]

Keeping Behind the Joneses

Financial freedom is the goal of most adults, though it seems to be an elusive beast to chase. While financial freedom has many different meanings to many different people, the overall gist of it is not to have to worry about money or how to pay your bills. In a 2017 study by CareerBuilder, 80% […]

Providing Opportunity for all Forsyth County’s Children to Succeed

BY FAMILY SERVICES All children in Forsyth County deserve the opportunity to succeed in school and in life. High-quality Pre-K programs help children enter kindergarten ready to achieve socially, emotionally, and academically. Extensive scientific research and economic analysis over the past forty years have shown high-quality Pre-K programs to be wise investments that close educational […]

The Office Nerd Virtual Assistant

BY KATIE MARSH When spreadsheets make you happy…  When pivot tables make you excited…  When writing social media marketing plans keep your creative juices flowing…  When setting up databases, making forms, designing PowerPoints, and creating processes make you giddy with delight – then it’s safe to say it.  You’re a nerd.  And for Denise Heidel, […]

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