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When spreadsheets make you happy…  When pivot tables make you excited…  When writing social media marketing plans keep your creative juices flowing…  When setting up databases, making forms, designing PowerPoints, and creating processes make you giddy with delight – then it’s safe to say it.  You’re a nerd.  And for Denise Heidel, self-proclaimed nerd, all that (and more) is true.  When that self-realization is combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine love for small business – you have The Office Nerd.

“I have wanted to do this for a very long time,” said Denise.  “After much prayer and discussion with my husband and my mom, I decided it was time.  I have a great love for small businesses and the local, shop small movement.  Our community is amazing, and I love the entrepreneurial drive that resonates so deeply in Forsyth County.  If my skills can help another business be successful, then I’m successful, too!”

Denise brings over 25 years of experience to the table.  Her menu of services includes:

  • Social media management
  • Database work
  • Writing, including web copy and blogging
  • PowerPoint presentation design
  • Process development
  • Project management

“I have been working with social media pages since 2008 when I started two Facebook pages on Hollywood History’s Golden Era,” said Denise.  “Those pages were a hobby, and while I enjoyed them, I eventually shut them down because moderating discussions from 7,000+ people became too time-consuming.  But they gave me the experience I needed to understand how to build a successful Facebook page and Instagram page.”  Denise has put those skills to work for various businesses in the community, as well as promoting her own daily blog, My Grace-Full Life.

Beyond social media, Denise loves a good spreadsheet.  “Be still my beating heart,” exclaimed Denise.  “I love to create databases in Excel or Google Sheets. There are so many creative ways to use Excel.  I think most people underestimate how much fun it can be!

“And PowerPoint,” she continued, “Nothing canned will ever leave my computer.  I am a bit obsessive about making PowerPoint presentations look a certain way.  I custom-design every one I create, and love doing it.”

Denise is also a skilled listener who can hear the description of a project, and then run with it. “My mental wheels immediately start going,” said Denise.  “I’m all about ‘work smarter, not harder,’ and so I will look at a project from several angles to determine the best solution for a project.  And as most anyone would agree, there’s always room for improvement.  Things evolve, and technologies change.  Sometimes what worked great may work even better with a minor tweak.  I’m always on the lookout for the best solution to a problem.”

The Office Nerd Virtual Assistant is based in Clemmons, NC. Visit to get all the details.  Denise can be reached via email ( or phone (336.413.7610).


Reviews for The Office Nerd Virtual Assistant:

“Denise is very creative, detail-oriented, quick to offer helpful suggestions and has a great attitude! She has completed several PowerPoint presentations for me, and I’ll never use anyone else. Her work is over-the-top fabulous!”  ~Jackie Ireland

“I have worked with Denise on many projects. She is extremely efficient, detail oriented and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to grow their business.”  ~Ginny Chase

“I have recently hired Denise to help me with marketing tools, admin help, social media, etc. She is incredible! It is so invaluable to have someone who works similar to my style, and she and I just ‘click.’ [I] could not be more pleased!!”  ~Chrystal Yates, Chrystal Yates Residential Real Estate

“Denise joined our writing team in 2008 and little did we know when we brought her on the team how big a role she would end up playing. Denise is the most organized person I’ve ever known in my life. She is a motivated self-starter who just gets the job done. She has streamlined our editorial processes, set up systems and databases that are vital tools to our organization, and she’s planned a number of hugely successful events for us. Denise is also a senior writer for our team, and we frequently call on her to handle cover stories and work with a number of our advertising partners.” ~Keela Johnson, publisher of Forsyth Woman





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