April is National Credit Union Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth month and this year’s theme is all about the future:  The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!  When it comes to managing money, at Piedmont Advantage Credit Union we’re encouraging young members to express themselves through pictures.  This lets future savers creatively share their own thoughts and visions around the many aspects of money.  Parents then become better prepared to talk with their children about money and the power of saving.  By staying true to the credit union philosophy in an engaging way, we can set our young members on an early path to financial well-being.

A collage is a great project for children who’ve been asked to think about money and what it means to them!

Gather your supplies. Collect magazines, photos, glue, stickers, scissors, markers, and poster board to start. Then direct your child to select images that involve money and spending.  What is it they’d like to save for?  What would they buy now if they could?  Make it fun! Let your child pick out whatever images they like.   Vision boards are great for getting children to think through goals and are a powerful visual reminder to keep them on track.

Discuss with your child how they plan on reaching those goals. Talk about the costs of the things they want. Start small. List the steps. Ask questions: “What are some fun ways you can earn money towards your goal?” or “How long do you think it will take to earn $5?”

Keep the board in a place where they will be frequently reminded of the goals they’ve set. For example, place it in their room or even on the kitchen fridge.  Soon they’ll be associating the things they want with smart money management.

Open a savings account and once your child earns money, deposit it accordingly.  Add a tracker on the board to monitor progress.  For a basic savings account, stop by Piedmont Advantage Credit Union or visit pacu.com.  Encourage and nurture these positive behaviors.

Update the board! Once simple and short-term goals have been set, move on to a 2nd iteration with even bigger or more long-term goals.  This ensures that their money management skills will continue to evolve over time.

We’d love to see your work! Be sure to post to the Piedmont Advantage Facebook page with the hashtag #CUYouthMonth

Let us help you get your child, and yourself, get on a successful financial path.



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