Overcoming Complacency

So, we have a tree with a fair number of branches. Each branch signifies definitive life experiences that shaped that tree and brought forth bountiful fruit. But somewhere during the growth process, we noticed that this tree’s growth has stunted and is no longer producing branches. And when this tree doesn’t produce branches, no new fruit is coming forth. The tree starts to look barren, as though it’s reached the farthest it’s going to grow and produce.

This is what complacency looks like.

Complacency is a hindrance and limit to our full potential. Many people settle for a complacent lifestyle because it’s easier to lean toward a familiar life than one that requires the cost of their comfort zone every day. We become complacent for so many reasons, but there are ways to overcome it so we can pursue life to our fullest quality.


Resistance to change. If there is one thing in life that remains constant, it is change. Change is unexpected, unpredictable and intimidating, but it can also be exciting and the greatest thing for us. We cannot control how change comes about or what kind of changes they may be, but we can control how we respond to those changes. In times like these, it’s all about choices: we can resist the change and risk coasting in a static position, or we can allow that change to be our sail and redirect us into our destiny. There is a quote I encountered recently from an anonymous source, “What if everything you are going through is preparing you for what you’ve prayed for?”

Entertaining naysayers. Ahh! Don’t we just love those folks who “claim” that we can’t fulfill a certain dream or bring a vision into fruition? A lot of times, many of our naysayers are right in social or kin circles and it cuts the deepest when they deny our capabilities. If we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves and if we are not careful of how we respond to such negativity, we could subconsciously end up living our lives to please those who doubt us. This can lead to complacency because for us to resist walking down the road that will lead us to our ideal lives, we could ignore every obstacle or opportunity that will take us to the next tier of greatness. We end up staying in the “expected zone” and this is not what we want.

Fear. Fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, and even fear of success can keep us complacent. Fear of failure may keep us from dreaming too big and lead us to aim for more realistic, predictable feats. Fear of rejection could make us second guess that career opportunity that will possibly be our greatest milestone of development. Whatever our grandest fears are, they are likely keeping us residing in a cozy, cushy home located on Safety Avenue. It’s time to pack our things and move out.

Our pattern of thinking. Our minds can be our deepest trap sometimes. We can become so fixated on our personal routine of waking up at the same time, going in and out of work, picking up children, cleaning the house, and making dinner. People wired for structure and routine risk growing complacent because they likely want a life they can control and predict. They’re afraid of having a life of spontaneity that controls them. Where do we cut the seemingly endless cycle of routine?


What is it you really want to do? Make your vision or goal your motivation. Understand that your passions will cost you your comfort zone so being stationary won’t actualize your visions. Put your wisdom into action. It’s good to have wisdom in our minds, but we won’t see desirable results until we operate in that wisdom. Don’t let fear jeopardize your greatness. Fears are designed to be overcome. Fear is like a bully that taunts us daily because it’s so threatened by our greatness. Break from your daily pattern and take calculated risks. Challenge yourself to do something new every single day. This makes you more comfortable with change. Embrace change! Because it only expands horizons and makes you more well-rounded.

Complacency happens when we feel like our visions are bigger than ourselves, but we are more than worthy of manifesting them.


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