Take the Wheel, Stay in Your Lane!

Advice comes from every direction: bosses and colleagues, family and friends, social media acquaintances, and even bumper stickers!  It is uncanny how a mere four emblazoned words placed on a small rectangle can feel like a billboard in bright lights. “Stay in Your Lane” is a compact credo of inspiration to refocus the mind, ignore hurtful words and people, and reinstate the concepts within your control.

The Impact of the Drive-By

Highways and backcountry roads are filled with drivers who feel the need to pass because others are driving too slowly for them.  Indirectly, these strangers can impact our mood.  When a complete stranger zooms around you in a blur, you often become frustrated and angry. In retrospect, you didn’t expect to find yourself in such a low place. You may lash out angrily at the driver’s tail lights, heading down the road ahead of you. Just remember, you are made of steel! No bodily damage or bruises. You are fine!  Words may have rolled off the tongue as easily as water pouring out of a glass, but no one heard it.  Breathe and exhale, and then resume driving in your lane.

Take the Scenic Route

The congestion and competition of the highway may require going a different route. The road, at first, may be bumpy, and you’ll have to take care through the winding curves, but sometimes the scenic route is a nice change of pace. Maybe you can look out over a mountain vista, or see small birds, a log cabin, or people trudging up the mountain. If you relax, you will almost certainly see things that went unnoticed before. Maybe this will be your lane for a while.

Jesus, Take the Wheel

When the day has ended, and you find yourself back in your car, edging into traffic, listening to the sounds of sputtering, coughing, and repeated knocks, all you can do is refocus, and find an opening to slide over. It doesn’t matter who is exceeding, maintaining, or driving under the speed limit, or who is sporting an Aston Martin Valkyrie, a Dodge Journey, or a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.  We are all travelers on the road with various goals and destinations.  Not everyone will wave hello or smile.  With your mind focused, you can stay in your lane and know that, “It’s going to be okay!”


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