Dalton’s Crossing: Inspired by fashion & family!

Personal success is measured in countless ways, and success means nothing if you can’t share it with those you love most. For Joyce Mauldin-Ray and her husband, Wayne, success has been a strong marriage of family, creativity, and a clear vision of the future of their beloved business – Dalton’s Crossing located in King, NC. […]

Keeping It Real: Standing On Their Shoulders

Meet my Uncle Bennett. Actually, he was my great-uncle. When I was a little girl, his towering 6’4” stature scared the bejesus out of me. Uncle Bennett pitched for some of the greatest Major League Baseball teams throughout the 1950s. He retired with a pretty impressive record. But, like most of that greatest generation, he […]

Celebrate the TaTas Fifth Annual Soccer Tournament for Women Champions Thank you, Winston-Salem!

On October 6-7th, 2018, Celebrate the TaTas Fifth Annual Soccer Tournament for Women Champions celebrated its third year in their favorite location, Hine Park Soccer Complex, Winston-Salem. The TaTas Tournament is the brainchild of North Carolina Adult Soccer Association and Charlotte Hadassah, the largest women’s volunteer organization in North America. The focus of the tournament […]

Wine Merchants: The Most Unique Place In The Triad

If you have any interest in wine, great food or craft beer, then you must check out Wine Merchants in Winston-Salem.  This place is a unique blend of a gourmet wine shop and a farm-to-table bistro with 21 wines and 16 beers on tap. Wine Merchants was nominated by the Winston-Salem Journalthis year for Best […]

Blood Pressure FAQ (And How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally)

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the force of your blood as it pumps through your body. Blood pressure is expressed as a fraction such as 120 80 The top number is the pressure exerted on your vascular system when your heart contracts. This is the systolic pressure. The bottom number is the pressure […]

Two Therapeutic Methods for Handling Grief

While there is no true solution for managing grief, there are supportive methods to help one cope. The first thing to do, is to realize that the loss of a loved one is life’s most stressful event. As a result of this event, one may experience a vast range of emotions, even when the death […]

Footnote: The Latest Addition to the Foothills Family

Maybe you have a third kid. Maybe you ARE a third kid. If so, then you might know a bit about how we felt when we opened our third location earlier this year.  Footnote, which sits right next to our original downtown location on 4th Street, is Foothills Brewing’s newest place. And like our brewpub […]

Castlelights: See Your Home in a New Light

Your home is your castle and maybe it’s time you saw it in a new light.  Castlelights is the Triad area expert in creating a unique lighting experience for your home.  They specialize in designing artistic architecture and landscape lighting systems to accent your home and its beautiful features.  Experienced lighting designers create texture and […]

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