Was That a Sasquatch? Sightings in North Carolina suggest it just might be…

Is it a Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) or a man in a gorilla suit? That is the question after hearing about alleged Sasquatch sightings in North Carolina. Here are a few reports – you be the judge.

In 2010 a western Cleveland County man saw a strange creature in the backyard of his mountain home. He was outside calling coyotes with a game caller, but instead of coyotes he saw a 10-foot tall creature in the nearby woods that had long “beautiful hair.” “I tried to call him,” he said, but then thought it over and instead pointed a stick toward the Sasquatch and told it “Git, git, git.” After thrusting the stick several times, the Bigfoot wandered off on a dirt path in the woods.

The man called 911, and at first, they didn’t take him seriously, thinking he had too much to drink. However, a deputy from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched for an official report. The deputy later wrote a “suspicious person report.” That same deputy later told a reporter this was not the first Sasquatch sighting in Cleveland County. He remembered that, as a child, there were reports of a “hairy man looking” creature about 8-10 feet tall breaking into chicken houses. This latest Sasquatch sighting made national news and the Cleveland County resident described the Sasquatch to CNN’s Jeanne Moos as looking “like a giant ape with a man’s face.” So far, the Cleveland County Bigfoot has not been photographed or caught.

In 2016, several people reported seeing a large, furry looking animal running through the woods in the town of Littleton in Halifax County. A resident said one morning she heard something near the woods behind her house. When she walked outside, she saw a “very large” creature weaving through her yard, and its “hair was super long.” When people challenged her by suggesting it was a coyote or bear she insisted it was neither of those, commenting she “had never seen anything like that, whatsoever.”

Bigfoot researchers suggested that logging in the area may have disturbed the creature’s home territory and that was why it was on the move. To support this hypothesis they provided castings of extremely large, abnormal footprints about 18 inches long by 8 inches wide found in nearby Medoc Mountain State Park. The sightings resulted in so much publicity that a local man opened a museum in Littleton named the “Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum.” The museum has an image of a Sasquatch on its signage, and inside there is lots of information about Sasquatch sightings and other strange phenomenon.

Another witness from Littleton named Tifanie reported, “When I looked out the window I saw a large upright black bigfoot type creature with long black hair.” She said it was so close she heard branches being crushed. No footprints were found, but her dog allegedly picked up the creature’s scent and started heading in the same direction as the Sasquatch. Information about this sighting is on the museum’s website at https://crypto-para.org.

In a more recent sighting, on August 4, 2017, a group of Bigfoot researchers reportedly came face-to-face with a Sasquatch just northwest of Charlotte. According to an article in the Charlotte Observer, a “large bipedal animal covered in hair” was observed just before 11 p.m. in a forested area in McDowell County, about 100 miles from Charlotte. The article said no one was injured and the group reported the event on their Facebook page, Bigfoot 911.

A member of the group, John Bruner, said they were out scattering glow sticks in the woods to attract a Bigfoot. Soon they spotted a glow stick moving through the woods. He turned on his headlamp and “saw a large bipedal animal covered in hair.” The animal hustled away and Bruner ran after it, eventually prompting a brief stare-down. “Its face was solid black, no hair on it. The hair looked shaggy all over,” he said.  As in other cases, the Sasquatch quickly ran off into the deep forest.

Well, there you have it. Just a few of the alleged Sasquatch sightings in North Carolina. Is the Sasquatch real?  Hopefully, we will someday find out.



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