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With days only getting shorter this fall and winter season, there’s no better time to stock up on self-defense and prepare for fewer hours of daylight than the present. Those looking to defend themselves, their families, and their homes without the hefty responsibility of owning a firearm have no shortage of self-defense options when shopping with Teddy’s Tactical.

Teddy’s Tactical is the newest venture from Pam and Jack Welker, local familiar faces with numerous years in the food and beverage industry under their belt, as well as experience in managing their consulting company Uptown Hospitality Group. After purchasing a Byrna SD (Self Defense) device for Pam in 2019, the duo was amazed by the number of family and friends who also wanted one for their own protection. As a result, Pam and Jack launched Teddy’s Tactical in July 2022 as an Authorized Byrna Dealer, and have become passionate about sharing less-lethal self-defense alternatives ever since.

Teddy’s Tactical supplies top-of-the-line, less-lethal self-defense weapons that protect and deter threats with just the right amount of strength. A Byrna device appears similar to a gun, but is filled with non-lethal projectiles, such as hard plastic pellets or pepper (oleoresin capsicum) pellets. Unlike owning a gun, Byrna SD owners can relax without the responsibilities and hoops to jump through. Because background checks are not required, purchasing a Byrna is a quick and seamless process for users 18 and older. A perfect birthday or Christmas gift for husbands, wives, young adults, and the elderly, Teddy’s Tactical customers can sleep well knowing that their family and friends are safe in Byrna’s hands.

While Byrna devices seem like guns to the naked eye, they are lightweight, easy to use, and less intimidating for individuals not yet comfortable with carrying or operating a firearm. What makes Byrna Launchers so unique are their portability and method of operation. Powered by CO2 cartridges, these devices shoot .68 caliber kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles at targets up to 60-feet away. Although it is recommended to aim away from targets’ heads or necks, especially at close range, a variety of projectiles such as Byrna Pepper balls for standard protection, Byrna Kinetic balls for target practice, or even Byrna Max balls consisting of pepper and tear gas, allow users to decide the level of effective, yet non-lethal, impact they choose to have on potential aggressors. These chemical projectile balls are launched at speeds of up to 300-feet per second and explode upon impact to cause eye and throat irritation, making them just as effective at deterring threats if a Byrna user misses their direct target.

Teddy’s Tactical provides customers with a multitude of color variations, accessories, and equipment for Byrna owners. Waistband holsters, cartridge and projectile refills, and foldable target wraps are only a fraction of the accessories available to clients. New customers will benefit from investing in the Everyday Byrna SD Starter Kit, which includes a Byrna SD Launcher, one sling bag, a 5-round magazine, 5-count pepper projectiles, and an 8g C02 canister. Unlike self-defense pepper spray, which puts users at risk of accidentally spraying themselves rather than their aggressors, Byrna SD users are deliberate with their aim and pulling of the trigger, with the device utilizing manual safety features to prevent unintended launches.

Teddy’s Tactical invites those interested in purchasing Byrna products to test out the product in-person before making a purchase. With Byrna SD devices being simple to aim, load, and store, novel Byrna users will be hitting targets in no time. Named after a friendly 10-month-old Bernadoodle (no pun intended), Teddy’s Tactical is passionate about individuals having the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. As authorized Byrna dealers, the Teddy’s Tactical team encourages potential customers to contact them with any questions or inquiries they may have about Byrna products. Visit Teddy’s Tactical online at www.teddystactical.com to read more about the products sold, watch tutorials on how Byrna Launchers operate, and to read the latest news stories about crimes that likely could have been prevented if victims had been equipped with the proper self-protection devices.

Call Teddy’s Tactical at (336) 506-8822 or email info@TeddysTactical.com to test out your Byrna before it’s too late.


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