Support Your Health & Well-Being with Summer-Inspired Color Schemes

The colors of summer are not just beautiful sights to behold – they can also support our health and healing. Whatever space you want to enhance, choose colors that support your well-being. Harness healing and boost your health with these creative color suggestions.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a holistic alternative therapy utilizing different colored lights to benefit health and healing. Color therapy is often combined with aromatherapy in a sauna, salon, or spa setting.

The core concept is that colors contain vibrations that signal electrical impulses in the brain that can trigger hormonal and biochemical reactions. Our brain interprets wavelengths of colors that influence our perception and that light the way (pun intended) to a sensory and physical experience. Possible health benefits include soothing the senses, alleviating tension, stress, and anxiety, easing depression, and boosting mood among others.

Research has proved the important impact our environment can have, not only on our health and well-being (including mood and behavior), but also on performance, productivity, and social interactions. Clearing clutter, streamlining your space, and organizing your stuff have a surprisingly strong bearing on mental clarity and peace of mind.

So, too, does your color scheme. Even the smallest acts of redecorating can improve your living and working space and provide beneficial color therapy.

Place to start? Consider the most lived in, frequented area of your house. First, survey the area, clean, and organize. How do you want to feel when you’re in this part of your home or work environment?

KITCHEN – Whether it’s culinary creations or down-home cooking, your signature style can inspire and influence your color scheme and interior decorating. Taste of Thai or Tuscany? All American, French, or Italian? Mexican or Latin flair? The sky’s the limit with creativity (or the ceiling at least) whatever your budget and square footage.

BEDROOM – Ahh . . . a portal to sweet slumber and solace where you can relax and unwind (or rev up your love engine). Maybe you want the ultimate calming and relaxing experience of neutrals and subtle hues to soothe your senses.

BATHROOM – Ideal place for a home spa and an escape for the senses. What element(s) appeal to you most to renew, rejuvenate, and revitalize – water, air, earth, and/or fire? Transform this space into a soothing Zen experience for ultimate relaxation. Breathe in deeply and improve breathability with the natural element of real plants like eucalyptus or bamboo and fresh flowers like lilies or orchids. White walls and towels like fluffy white clouds can be dream-like. Soothe your senses with colors of seascapes or gentle hues of serene skies.

LIVING ROOM – Laid-back lounge-y setting to prop your feet up and get comfy with a good book and a cuppa, or party hard with cocktail in hand and lots of guests? An advantage to going with more neutral shades of furniture, whether traditional or modern, is the versatility of accents. No need to feel bored and stuck with the same ‘ole color scheme when pillows and throws can always be swapped out.


SOOTHING SEASCAPES – Soothe your senses with calming blue hues like the ocean waves and summer sky, soft seashell shades, and sand shades in neutrals. Real seashells and audio ocean waves are ideal complements to your soothing sea space.

SUNNY SKIES FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET – Refreshing and revitalizing shades of citrus (lemon yellow, mandarin orange, key lime, and pink grapefruit) evoke feelings of happiness and zest for life.

SUMMER FLOWER GARDEN – Pretty as a painting in a wide array of floral colors, however vibrant and neon, or subtle pastels, and watercolors (blue iris, pink coneflower, white gardenia/magnolia, and yellow roses) accent the vibrant green shades of summer grass and leaves.

SEASONAL SUMMER FARM FRESH FRUITS – Fruitalicious and fresh. Think of bountiful berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry) or more muted melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew).

SUMMER HERB GARDEN – Feel refreshed in the healing herbal shades of green (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme) or soft shades of lavender, chamomile, and nasturtium.

Whatever colors you choose, soothe your senses this summer as you celebrate life and focus on health and healing!


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