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Sometimes it really does “take two” to see the best results – the perfect mate, the perfect wine with dinner – and even in the world of aesthetics, two can be the magic number! Surgical procedures and spa treatments can often go hand-in-hand to produce a more long lasting and enhanced result, and both injectables and non-invasive face and body treatments can complement a patient’s previous surgery experience.

Building on its long-time success in Winston-Salem, and led by Dr. Scott Tucker and Dr. Hampton Howell, Salem Plastic Surgery recently added a new space to its practice – Renewal Med Spa – designed with equal parts warm, intimate atmosphere, and a range of medical-grade, spa-type treatments. The Med Spa staff has been an exciting asset to the office, says Practice Manager Lisa Wood, introducing the spa staff of Joy Goins, RN, Nurse Injector, and Alejandra Santos, RN, Nurse Injector, both skilled at fillers and Botox®, Jade Simmons, RN, Aesthetic Nurse, and Meredith Luke, Licensed Aesthetician, who perform all other spa services. Joy, Alejandra, and Jade are nurses on the surgical side as well.

“The nurses and aesthetician have the added benefit of first-hand experience with the anatomy of the face and body, which helps them determine the best treatments for patients that can be combined with surgery,” says Lisa, sharing the staff’s expert advice when it comes to “pairings” within Salem Plastic Surgery that can truly enhance your life. Now is the perfect time to consider how specific spa treatments offer the optimum follow-up to surgical procedures!

  1. Pairing a face lift with a healthful skincare and makeup routine post-surgery will actually help make the most of your final outcome. Facial highlights can be achieved by contouring with makeup, enhancing the natural contours and beauty your face lift provided.  Good makeup and skincare also provide protection against sun and pollution, and Salem Plastic Surgery has staff who can assist with regimens for both.  With the right makeup, you can feel confident you are doing the most to achieve the best possible results!
  2. If you’ve been the lucky recipient of a “mommy makeover” then your perfect pairing – after sufficient healing, of course – could be with Emsculpt. The “makeover” may include a combination of surgeries involving an abdominoplasty, some form of liposuction, and a breast procedure involving a certain amount of downtime.  After healing, you might consider Emsculpt, since it manipulates and contracts muscle to provide even further tightening and toning.  Surgery in one area often accentuates other areas of the body that may need some attention, such as arms, thighs, and buttocks. This can be true for the abdomen after undergoing a breast reduction, lift or augment, since those can actually make the patient more aware of what was “under there.”  Emsculpt can be another step towards a more noticeable and even result.
  3. Patients who undergo a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove excess skin and/or fat may want to consider IPL laser to improve the surrounding texture and coloration of the skin.  Having surgery of the face sometimes makes one aware of other issues, such as uneven skin tone, blemishes, and sun damage.  IPL is a non-invasive way to address those issues and can be repeated as needed. This may delay the desire or need for a face lift, or further enhance your results – and good skin after surgery will also keep the benefits coming!

Salem Plastic Surgery encourages all its patients to shy away from a “one and done” mindset when it comes to aesthetic enhancements, but instead focus on the positive approach of making the most of what they have done, with a goal of being even happier with their long-term results!

Conveniently located at 1345A Westgate Center Drive in Winston-Salem, you can reach the office of Salem Plastic Surgery at 336-768-8483 and learn more about their services at


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