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After spending the majority of your time at home for the last year, it’s only natural to find yourself craving a major change. As summer approaches and the end of the pandemic is in sight, it’s time to give your living quarters a new look and put dreary quarantine memories to rest. Want to give your home a makeover but not sure where to start? Located on Burke Street, Theodore B. Interiors is a brand new full-service interior design studio and home decor shop in Winston-Salem that is here to ensure you feel re-energized and inspired within the walls of your revamped home.

What does “full-service” mean when it comes to an interior design firm? The team at Theodore B. Interiors manages every aspect of a design project from start to finish to relieve clients of any and all stress. The team works with architects, contractors, and electricians, and also assists with furniture selection and installation, which are some of the most difficult aspects of home makeovers. Additionally, Theodore B. Interiors sells accessories, wall coverings, drapes, and small home decor items inside its shop. If you’re new to interior design and architecture, the Theodore B. Interiors team is knowledgeable about new construction and remodels so that you don’t have to be.

Owner Isabella Migliarese chose Burke Street as her design firm’s location due to its proximity to other local businesses also owned by young female business owners. She wanted to find a spot for her shop that provided her and her team with a neighborhood feel but in an up-and-coming location such as West End Winston-Salem.

With the name of her business being inspired by her father, Theodore “Teddy” Migliarese, Isabella fell in love with interior design as a little girl. Some of her fondest memories include accompanying her father, a contractor and owner of commercial and residential properties, to job sites and witnessing the properties’ construction and design transformations. Not only did her father instill in her a passion for home design, but his entrepreneurship was also a trait that Isabella inherited. From a young age, Isabella knew that opening a business as a recent college graduate carried no shortage of risks, but the possibility of failure did not deter her from chasing her dream. While learning how to properly run a business and becoming an expert in the tax and insurance side of entrepreneurship was challenging, Isabella found that being a woman immersed in the male-dominated architecture industry carried its own set of obstacles. As a young female business owner, Isabella sometimes feels as if she has to work harder to be taken seriously by male architects and contractors.

Tyson Howlett (L) Isabella Migliarese (R) 


As a Winston-Salem native, Isabella Migliarese joined UNCG’s Interior Architecture program after graduating from R.J. Reynolds High School. Throughout her time in the program, she joined a small student design team where she helped design a room in the Julian Price Showhouse that was later featured in Southern Home magazine. Additionally, she met her best friend and business partner, Tyson Howlett, in the design program and was able to strengthen her passion for design and architecture.

By utilizing social media and attending markets such as High Point Market and Atlanta Market, Isabella and her team stay up to date on upcoming design trends. Surprisingly, wallpaper seems to be making a comeback, and popular home color schemes include white, black, and neutrals. As for Isabella’s personal style and dream home? She dreams of owning a Cape Cod or cottage-style home in the country with a slightly edgy exterior.

According to Isabella, transforming your living space doesn’t necessarily mean adding more “things.” In fact, less can be more. While the concept of minimalism has gained popularity over the last few years, simplifying your space doesn’t require your space to be cold or bland. For those looking to minimize in style, Isabella suggests keeping color tones warm and inviting, adding texture with rugs or wall coverings, and selecting accessories or art pieces that create a “wow” factor in order to keep your de-cluttered house feeling like a home.

Ready to recruit the Theodore B. Interiors team for your home project? Check out the team’s Facebook page or visit for more information. Follow @theodoreb.interiors on Instagram to stay updated on the latest news from Isabella and her team, or email for any additional questions.


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