Find Your Father’s Favorites – The Dad’s Day Gift Guide

Shopping for my dad is NOT EASY.

I yearn for the years I was in school sometimes. Remember making things for Father’s Day? And your dad, no matter what, took it and pretended to love it (or loved it!), and there was no stress, just a cool art project or fancy card? Whew! Those were the easy days, even though they were often made of popsicle sticks and too much glue.

Now I’m like, do I go with something that he can use or something he can enjoy? Why can’t I do both? When I ask him what he wants, he jokes and says a DeLorean (true story), but for real, where can I find him something that doesn’t make him cry because that’s not our relationship, but is also great for my dad and not big box commercial, because I clearly cannot afford a DeLorean (yet)? This stress used to happen every year until two years ago when I finally figured it out.

I’ve found that the best gifts I’ve given since those fantastic DIY school gifts are just as thoughtful, just as connected, and just as intentional – and found by shopping local.

You’ve heard why you should shop local: more this past year than any other, I’m sure! But have you looked around a local store or restaurant? When I walk into Foothills, I notice a few things: I recognize servers and bartenders. I pass people I know on the way in. I wave to folks on the street walking by and might even have a longer conversation with the table next to me – local businesses are beautiful examples of our community here in Forsyth County. They are collections of folks that connect around something, whether it be food, goods, or services.

Shopping local also allows you something special that evokes the same customization as those school-made gifts that you know dad actually liked: something especially for him, not just another toolbox or flashlight. So often, local businesses and small businesses in the area have unique and even one-of-a-kind items that are hard to find in other areas of the country.

By getting dad a growler from his favorite brewery, some cookies specially made for him, or even a watch from a long-standing family jeweler, you’re picking out something intentional – from you and your choices and from a neighbor who works in merchandising at the store, or the owner that lives down the street. It’s not about the money spent; it’s about that intentionality you get from a local shop that just isn’t there when you look at a big box store.

And if you’re like me, and you KNOW local is the way to go, but you still have a difficult, at best, dad to shop for, never fear – our Father’s Day Gift Guide is here! Local businesses will give their picks for gifts for dad, so instead of sitting at home and stressing on Google, enjoy a curated list of places – and presents! – to show dad how much he means after a year where a family has mattered ever so much.

And spoiler alert: my dad doesn’t live here in North Carolina (he’s in Wisconsin), but the best gift we got him, according to him (while he patiently waits for his DeLorean)? Old North Carolina license plates and Cheerwine – gear and the drink. What are you waiting for? Get out there and be intentional this year by shopping local for Father’s Day for all those dads in your life.





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Clemmons Bicycle

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Cherry Tree Lane Cookies

Treat Dad to something sweet this year! Whether he is reaching for a nine iron or a wielding a spatula near the grill on this Father’s Day, we have delicious decorated sugar cookies for the guy in your life. Find a variety of options available on Instagram and Facebook, packaged and ready for gifting. Order today! @cherrytreelanecookies


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