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As Piedmont Federal Savings Bank celebrates 120 years of extraordinary service, clients always know they are so much more than a number here. This team is your trusted financial source for all ages and stages of life, with a proven track record of keeping its founders’ mission intact.

As the oldest financial institution founded in Winston-Salem that is still in existence today, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank remains relevant, compliant, and high-performing, all while upholding the company’s original vision and values. The bank’s first office was opened in downtown Winston-Salem, only one block from the new branch you catch a glimpse of in these photos, located inside the ROAR building. Piedmont Federal is growing again in the new space that’s a nod to both the old traditions and the exciting new technology, says Chief Experience Officer Ginger Salt.

“We felt this branch was a great location to honor our past and showcase our commitment to the present and the future,” Ginger explains. “We are in a historic building, but we have outfitted the location with modern technology.”

Jamarkus Swinson-Downtown Branch Manager, Christie Brittain-Loan Operations Manager, Samantha Hartzler-Information Systems Manager, Bria Redmond-Customer Care Associate, Dustin Pack-Retail Banking Associate


That modern technology, along with integrated services and a dedicated focus on efficiency, are improving the client and employee experience on a daily basis. While each decade of the bank’s successful existence has brought new challenges, technology has been the most substantial game-changer in the banking field all around.

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is proud to recognize Samantha Hartzler, Information Systems Manager, and Christie Brittain, Loan Operations Manager, who are gracing our cover this month. March is International Women’s Month, and there’s no better time to introduce these two leading professionals, who both play an important role in improving the client and teammate experience at Piedmont Federal.

Both Samantha and Christie are skilled at uncovering new ways to innovate and streamline services that are most important to clients. “Our commitment in technology is to ensure our clients enjoy a seamless, personal experience, whether they are banking with us online, on the phone, or in-person,” says Samantha. Together, these two ladies bring over 36 years of experience in financial services to the Piedmont Federal team. “We understand that consumers and businesses value efficient service and a variety of product options, as well as quick turnaround and flexibility,” explains Christie. “We are continuously improving workflow processes through our digital investments.”


“With a more intimate space of approximately 1,100 square feet, the ROAR branch is designed with an open feel that encourages dialogue and personal interaction with clients,” adds Ginger. Tables feature outlets so visitors can “plug in” if needed, and there’s a conference room/office with a privacy setting that “fogs” the outside wall so clients enjoy privacy while interacting with their banker.

The teller line also features a recently installed cash recycler, which will automate cash counting and sorting, while serving as a physical safe and a real-time bank vault. Every job description here references client service, whether associates are directly serving consumers and businesses, or supporting the efforts of other teammates.

With a goal of continuing to move forward with technology, while staying true to the traditional, warm, personal service clients expect, the following are some specific ways Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is ensuring a strong future, while delivering world-class service.

  • Online account opening – which allows you to open an account wherever you may be – working from home, the beach, or your favorite shady afternoon spot.
  • A new mobile and online banking system, which provides more functionality, the ability to consolidate all services in one app, and overall greater ease of use. Enjoy multiple ways to transfer funds in real-time, using Biller Direct or Zelle. You can reset your own password, change your address and view your credit score, all in the mobile app. The Card Swap feature allows you to apply new debit or credit cards across your favorite subscriptions, such as Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and more. You’ll find better access to financial tools, and the technology is more secure to protect client information and assets.
  • Addition of Early Pay Access, which gives clients peace of mind with access to direct deposits up to two days early.
  • A simpler way to digitally switch your direct deposits and automatic payments when moving your relationship to Piedmont Federal.
  • Reduction in manual tasks to save time for Piedmont Federal teammates, which in turn, saves time for our clients.

Visit Piedmont Federal Savings Bank at its newest downtown branch at 633 North Liberty Street in Winston-Salem, 336-770-1010. Piedmont Federal Savings Bank’s home office is located at 201 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Contact them at 336-770-1000 or online at piedmontfederal.bank.

Samantha Hartzler (left). Samantha has served in both client-facing and information technology roles during her banking career, which has enabled her to implement a large number of digital benefits to Piedmont Federal clients. From online account opening, and the digital wallet, to an automated account switching solution, and instant issue debit cards, Samantha has originated positive change. Samantha has expertise in databases and SQL programming, and has streamlined processes for bank teammates including moving paper forms to electronic forms. 

Christie Brittain (right). With a background in mortgage insurance and financial services, Christie’s accomplishments include moving loan departments from paper to digital, and implementing various applications to improve efficiencies in Operations. Those include financial spreading, exception tracking, and tax and insurance tracking. Christie has also been an integral team member for core system conversions, and she is currently managing a $700 million consumer and business lending portfolio.


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