Andrew’s Mowing and Landscaping  

Anyone can tell you – it is important to know a good mechanic, dentist, and a company who can handle landscaping and mowing. Look no further than Andrew’s Mowing and Landscaping in Pinnacle. The powerhouse husband and wife pairing of Andrew and Brandi Lankford will see that you are well taken care of. After 18 years in business, they know what it takes to exceed clients’ expectations!

What services specifically do you offer?

Andrew’s Mowing and Landscaping offers a little bit of everything. We have tackled a wide range of jobs that include everything from retaining walls, hardscaping, landscape design, fire pits to spreading pine needles, mulch, and seed. In addition, we mow, edge and trim, as well as lay sod and take care of any planting needs. Typically, we work within a 30-mile radius of Pinnacle but are certainly happy to discuss traveling outside our normal range for larger jobs.

Have you always been in the lawn care business?  What was the genesis for this line of business for you specifically?  

It all started in 2005 when I used to haul my mower to school, so we could begin our working day immediately after. I mowed several of my neighbors’ and family members’ yards, and then it slowly took off from there. I eventually had to hire some help to tackle our mowing and landscaping projects! Now we have 3 crews, a dedicated mowing crew, a crew exclusively for the work we do at Bermuda Village, a landscape crew (for jobs such as patios, sidewalks, and hardscapes. We have also found our way into servicing accounts for new construction.

What sets you apart from other lawn service businesses?

Andrew’s Mowing and Landscaping takes pride in everything that we do. We love to please our clients. If someone is not satisfied, we go above and beyond to make it right. We always strive to do the right thing, treat people fairly and respond to our clients’ concerns. We strive to exceed expectations every single time.

What would be the one thing you want to convey to potential customers?

Brandi & I want our potential clients to feel confident that we can be trusted. It is crucial to build relationships so your customers trust who you are and that you will deliver what you promise. We never want to hurry the quoting process. We encourage potential clients to ask as many questions as they need to for them to feel secure about working with our team. 

Who is your target audience?   

Honestly – we are always looking for clients who are no longer interested in tackling these labor-intensive tasks to keep their yards and hardscapes looking great so they can have time to enjoy their homes and yards. We are always looking to expand our business and services to home builders, contractors, residents, new commercial spaces, and retirement communities.

What brings you joy with this business?

Our team loves working outdoors and looks forward to learning something new every day. It is so rewarding to see the finished projects and the happiness it brings our clients. The benefits of teaming up as a husband and wife and making a difference in our community is very fulfilling. We have split roles in the operation of the business and have found a real balance in what each one brings to the table.

What do you want your regular customers to say about you when someone asks them about your service?

Clients knowing that we are trustworthy is very important to our team. We want them to be proud of the creative approach we bring to every job. We are dedicated to meeting their needs and consistently strive to exceed expectations to make our clients’ visions a reality.

If you’re ready to stand out in your neighborhood, bring your yard to the next level, and truly enjoy time spent outside in a beautiful, healthy yard, then give Andrew’s Mowing and Landscaping a call at 336-624-8357. Visit them online at You can also contact Brandi directly at 336-497-7339.


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