The Mom Life at American Moving and Hauling

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy.  Neither is being a mom.  But Amy Cushman-Jah, owner of American Moving and Hauling, manages to be both successfully.

“When I started the business in 2005,” shared Amy, “I was single and had a seven-year-old daughter. I had a lot of support from my mom, and thankfully, a solid understanding of the moving industry.”

She continued, “My business has filled a niche in the community and has grown.  I’ve loved every minute of it because I love to help others through the services we offer.  It’s been great doing things on my own.  But when I fell in love with a long-time family friend who had joined the American Moving and Hauling team, I also found a great business partner.  My husband, Habib, handles many of the operations of the business and is an incredibly hard worker and a problem solver.”

Amy and Habib have her 21-year-old daughter, Habib’s 10 and nine-year-old sons, a two-year-old boy, and another baby on the way.  “We have a full house, but thankfully, at this point in our business, we have an excellent team in place.  Because we have the right personnel, it’s given me the flexibility I need to be a mom. Family always comes first!”

“My daughter actually works in the business now, too,” said Amy.  “She’s in charge of our packing and cleaning crew.  Plus, she’s great with the younger kids and is a tremendous help both at work and at home.”

Amy’s mom is still involved with the business, too.  “Mom handles a lot of our bank reconciliations which is a great help,” said Amy.  “American Moving and Hauling may be a woman-owned business, but between me, my husband, my daughter, and my mom – it’s also a family-run business!

“As a business owner, it can get complicated, especially since it’s so tempting to fall into the comparison game as a mother,” Amy said thoughtfully.  “Pinterest and social media can be a dangerous place to spend time. There’s enough pressure to be a perfect mom – whether you’re self-employed, working for someone else, or staying at home.  I decided as an entrepreneur that I wasn’t going to play that game.  And to choose that is very liberating!  I’m doing the best I can for my business while I take care of my family.  And family will always be first for me.  I’m grateful that I can do both.

“With any business, there’s going to be problems,” Amy continued.  “But I truly believe in the importance of follow-through.  Doing what you say you’re going to do.  It’s how I raised my daughter, and it’s how Habib and I are raising our younger children.  It’s how we are running the business.  It’s a core value for us, and I believe it’s made a difference for us in more ways than one – both personally and professionally.”

Being a wife and mom is always first for Amy, but the business is a passion, too.  “Our team of 22 employees is an extension of our family. We couldn’t do this without them, and we’re grateful.”

American Moving and Hauling is located at 535 E. Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem.  They offer moving, packing, cleaning, and storage solutions.  Visit them online at  Call 336.765.3499 or email for a quote.  Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.



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