Working From Home Survival Tips

By Mary Fonvielle Giving your employees the opportunity to work remotely from time to time has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. Working from the comfort of your home or your favorite coffee shop has its perks, but sometimes it can be hard to stay on track. Maintaining that work-life balance […]

ReDESIGNS by Ava: Apply the Rule of Thirds

“The ability to decorate well is something I believe inherent. Some individuals can ‘feel’ their way to good decorating while others cannot.  For those that are more left-brained, the rules have order and patterns that will create a well decorated space if followed.” ~ Anita Ericksen I believe I was born with a ‘decorator gene.’  Even […]

Samaritan Ministries Hosts the 6th Annual Tour de Llama: June 22, 2019

On June 22, 2019, Samaritan Ministries will host their 6thannual Tour de Llama bike ride at Divine Llama Vineyards. Arbor Investment Advisors is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the event. All proceeds raised through rider registrations and sponsorships help provide food and shelter to our hungry and homeless neighbors in the Winston-Salem area. […]

Fraleigh’s Boutique: Personal style in the heart of Clemmons!

Living a lifelong dream that affords you the chance to blend family, a love of fashion, and down-to-earth fun on a daily basis might seem too wonderful to be true. For mother-daughter duo Donna Merriman and Mary Bingham, co-owners of Fraleigh’s Boutique in Clemmons, it’s simply their very charmed – and very blessed – life! […]

Life Without a Microwave: When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible

Could you give up your microwave?  For most people the idea is incomprehensible.  Originally invented in 1946, the microwave became affordable in 1967, and by 1975, they were seen as a necessity in the American home.  Its popularity is such that it’s estimated that 90% of American households have a microwave oven. But for Katie […]

Let’s Boost Our Metabolism

Aging is a process that we all seem to have our own way of complaining about, or we’re no longer aging which simply means we’re no longer around to complain about it. Other than the aches and pains that we start to endure over the decades of wear and tear on our body, the most […]

Salem Plastic Surgery: Anti-Aging Options for Men

Traditionally, skin care and anti-aging products have been marketed almost exclusively to women. However, men are increasingly becoming more aware and concerned about their appearance as they age. Many times products and treatments geared toward women don’t always provide the same anti-aging benefits for men. Fortunately, there are many effective measures that men can take […]

3 Mistakes Women Make with Fitness and Food

If you are frustrated with the way you’ve been working out and eating right lately and getting little to no results, you are not alone. I personally have had my own journey from over-trained female to hormonal distressed, over-trained female to hormone balanced, simplistic training female.  Even after having two babies, my body was just […]

Clemmons Country Store: The Original Local Market

Shopping local has become very trendy in the last several years. We all want to find ways to support the local economy and buy things that are as fresh as possible. Here in Forsyth county, there is a local market that has believed in this ideal for 20 years. Clemmons Country Store is the original […]

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