From Winter to Spring: Make a Graceful Transition

Did you know that both spring and fall compete for the top spot in terms of seasonal preference? As a diehard “Fall Girl,” even I can’t resist the magical allure of spring – a season that captures the spirit of renewal and rebirth in every way.  Here how you can make the most of the season ahead: 

Pack away winter~

Take a fresh look at your home. Go room by room and identify those visual and tactile reminders of winter. Take the bathroom, for instance. The first thing I pack away is the cute hand soap dispenser, the one with the snowflakes and the words “Winter Bliss.” Some folks switch out their towels in favor of lighter shades and textures. Moving on to the bedroom, send that cozy winter bedding to the dry cleaners and opt now for a lighter look. I have two bedding ensembles that I switch out year after year. Doing so triggers my mind to be more alert to the season ahead. The same approach applies to all of your living spaces. Love candles? Now is the time to swap out those heavily scented winter candles in favor of spring-inspired scents.  

Anticipate and establish new routines~

Lighter and warmer mornings, followed by later dusks are to be fully enjoyed, so take those extra hours of light to wake a tad bit earlier. In my book, they are not to be missed. If you found yourself slacking off on that daily walk routine, this is your season to get moving again. It is also perfect for ratcheting up those outdoor outings. You can make it happen by  proactively  reaching out to friends to set up café dates or visits to parks or walking trails. You can take that idea a step further by planning a few outdoor day trips or vineyard visits. While spontaneity is great, adding something to the calendar may be just the push you need to make it happen. 

Refresh your meal plan~ 

Fall may be synonymous with harvest, but spring offers its own unique bounty.  Get online or pull out your favorite cookbooks and focus on seasonal vegetables, salads and casseroles. Now is the best time of year to incorporate everything from asparagus and artichokes to rhubarb, ramps (aka spring onions), and more.  You might even challenge yourself to try three unfamiliar vegetables with the idea of expanding your seasonal repertoire in a healthy way.   

Attend to your garden~

If not in spring, then when?  Use those extra hours of daylight to remove the vestiges of winter and to prepare your garden for the season ahead. In my case, that always means doing some reevaluating: What’s working? What’s not? What do I want to change, and how much time and effort am I honestly willing to put into my garden this year? The answers to these questions guide my next actions. Also remember to do an inventory of the tools and materials you have on hand and what you will need to restock. By doing so, you have a better chance of achieving your gardening goals while not breaking the bank by buying things you already have or won’t need. We know that, while Mother Nature always rules, we do play a part in the plan!

Reset your outdoor living space~

This is the most delightful spring transition – at least in my book! Ask yourself what’s already working well in this space and then list the changes, additions, or deletions that will help create the experiences you want to have. Again, by taking a mindful approach early in the season, you are setting yourself up for spring success – so to speak! A few years ago, a green thumbed neighbor suggested that I bedeck my shady veranda with hearty, multi-colored impatiens. That idea worked so well that I have been including impatiens every season since. Another suggested a water feature. Voila! Gurgling water from a mounted fountain is music to my spring-attuned ears. 

Now, take a step back and enjoy this magical season to the fullest…


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