The Barn On Country Club: A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make All the Difference!


As the temperatures warm, and the new of spring time approaches, making some changes to your decor may be in your future. You might have an outdated piece of furniture or a piece that no longer fits your color scheme, or maybe those kitchen cabinets could use a little sprucing up. While you might be tempted to replace the items completely, painting furniture, cabinets, and decor is an easy way to give your pieces new life. If this piques your interest, you need to start with good paints and a bit of guidance. Renee Floyd, owner and manager of The Barn on Country Club in Winston-Salem, NC,  and Debbie Gentry, former painting instructor, can get you on your way!

The Right Paint Makes All the Difference!

Debbie Gentry has painted lots of furniture over the years and has taught classes for Renee at The Barn on Country Club in the past, so she knows her paint.  There are two she recommends to give your furniture, cabinets, and other surfaces the finish and look you want.

“I use two lines of paint in my projects: Farmhouse Paint Co. and Rethunk Junk by Laura; both are specifically made for furniture, cabinets and other surfaces like decor, fabric, glass, etc., and The Barn On Country Club is an Authorized Retailer for both. Both are high quality and are designed for upcycling furniture, cabinets and more, by giving them a fresh new look , maybe even a new color if you’re dealing with a previously painted piece. Some novice furniture painters use latex paint, which is designed for walls and not furniture. While it may save you money, the results are inferior compared to the high quality finish and durability of all the furniture painted and sold at The Barn. It’s important for DIYers to know this, too, because they invest money in the products and their time, all to end up with a project which does not wear well or look very professional if they used a cheaper paint not meant for furniture,” said Debbie.

Farmhouse Paint

Farmhouse Paint is a line of acrylic, resin based paint, not chalk or latex, with no special prep solution needed – just clean and remove any dirt or grease before starting your project. 

“Farmhouse Paint goes on smooth, is easy to apply with a quality brush; we use and recommend the Zibra brush line. FH paint is eco-friendly and cleans up easily with soap and water and there are no brush strokes, which sets FH apart from most other paint lines. No top coat is required, however if the piece is heavily used, we recommend customers seal it with a sealer such as a clear polycrylic, usually in a matte or satin finish, since the paint itself provides a beautiful, creamy, soft finish. FH dries quickly and comes in a wide selection of gorgeous colors. It is very affordable because a little goes a long way and it is user friendly, which is good for DIYers, as well as more seasoned painters. The latest release is FH Evolution and it is a fabulous addition to the line, drying in one hour to the touch and for use within 24 hours,” Debbie commented.

Rethunk Junk by Laura

Rethunk Junk by Laura is also resin based paint that requires a prep solution, available in the line, to prepare your piece for proper paint adherence. 

“Rethunk Junk by Laura requires a topcoat which is from the line and comes in many beautiful colors. Like FH Paint, a little goes a long way. A lot of novice painters try this brand and love it because it’s very forgiving when painting, so you don’t get those annoying brushstrokes. With this line, too, we recommend the Zibra brush. Neither FH Paint or Rethunk Junk by Laura are chalk, because resin is more durable than chalk paint. Since chalk paint requires waxing, if you decide to change the color, the wax has to be sanded off, which is not required with resin paints,” stated Debbie.

Both lines can be used to give other decor, like drawer hardware, fabric, lamp shades, candle stands, etc. an updated look as well.

The Barn on Country Club offers monthly classes with current paint instructor, Dionne Jenkins. If you have a group of friends who would like a special class, contact Renee to set those up. The Barn has a great upstairs area for classes and groups are welcome to bring their own refreshments. These classes are usually held on Sunday afternoons, range about 3 hours and cost $75,including your paint, all needed supplies, handouts, etc.

The Barn on Country Club is located at 4886 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC. Hours of operation: Tues-Sat 10 AM- 6 PM; Sun 12-6PM.  For more information, call 336-661-8400 or visit


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