Forgive Yourself

You’ve said it to others: “No one is perfect.” “Try to let it go.” And finally: “When are you going to forgive yourself?” The inability to send forgiveness inward can […]

A Graceful Transition: Summer to Fall

I have always loved the passing of summer and eagerly embraced the promise of fall. I used to think that I was the exception, but a little research proved me […]

Holding On and Letting Go

I want to hold onto this moment – the wild weed bush just beyond my fence blowing snowflake-like blossoms and offering just the right contrast to my mid-spring, purple-infused garden. […]

Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

Some things are worth quibbling over, and one of them seems to be the origins of National Girlfriend Day. Some believe that it started as a way for the greeting […]

Take a Vacation from Yourself

I called you this weekend but didn’t hear back. I was worried. Yeah, sorry. I took a vacation from myself. You what? I took a vacation from myself. Here’s the […]

Simplify After Sixty

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON I doubt that I will ever be a minimalist given the extreme delight I take in visual discovery and variety. And yet, as the decades have […]

A Visit to the “Root Cellar”

BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON I was in a funk the other day. Well, it wasn’t a day…more like three weeks. I wasn’t depressed, just out-of-sorts and unsettled. I played the […]