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Jean Marie Johnson is the first to say that she entered this life “with an inquisitive mind, a mush-melon heart, a significant degree of sass and a passion for all things beautiful.” She secured her first full time summer job at the age of twelve as a babysitter, sold Avon and babysat throughout high school, won a scholarship to a commuter college and tutored and worked in the placement office for extra cash. In the ensuing decades, Jean Marie travelled extensively, both domestically, and abroad, supporting organizations in their quest to enhance the employee and customer experience.  Over time, she evolved as a writer, speaker and provocateur, channeling years of life experience to support women on their journeys to embrace and express the person they were born to be. While continuing her work as an organizational learning strategist and writer, Jean Marie also writes about the joys and challenges of cultivating an authentic, “perfectly-imperfect” life. Jean Marie holds a BA in Social Work and an MS in Human Resource Development and Counseling. In her spare time, she can be found walking, tending her herb garden, feeding her backyard birds, hunting for great finds and always cultivating the beauty and the raw authenticity around her.

Comfort and Joy

When summer emerges in all its verdant glory, my kitchen windowsill sports three glasses: one green one golden one lavender Each is a vessel for

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Coping with Uncertainty

“Don’t pray for better days, pray for a better attitude to withstand uncertain days” – Mac Duke, The Strategist The recent pandemic taught us more

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The Joy of Spontaneity

While I like to think that I’ve made a lot of hard-won progress in terms of spontaneity, my heart sank in recognition when what I

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Forgive Others

There are few words as “loaded” as forgiveness. We hear it, we nod in recognition, and think: Why is it so hard? Or I know

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Forgive Yourself

You’ve said it to others: “No one is perfect.” “Try to let it go.” And finally: “When are you going to forgive yourself?” The inability

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Holding On and Letting Go

I want to hold onto this moment – the wild weed bush just beyond my fence blowing snowflake-like blossoms and offering just the right contrast

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