Keeping it Real: A Declaration Over My Children



The vibration from my phone startled my last minutes of night. As I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes, I realized it was my son, Facetiming from Africa.

Many months before, Paul had embarked upon a year of full-time missionary work around the world. I hadn’t kissed his cheek or felt his arms around me in what seemed like forever; but seeing his smile on Facetime cured a thousand ills.

As sweat dripped from his brow, his eyes danced with delight. He couldn’t stop talking about the children to whom he had ministered that day. (My adult kids love kids!) The ecstasy of obedience emanated from his smile.

A few minutes later, as I sipped coffee and read the Scriptures, my daughter trudged down the stairs. I asked a question about Jewish history, and this “never-a-morning-girl” lit up, talking a thousand words a minute. Her passion for God’s Word fueled my own.

I would love to tell you that my children have always loved the things of God this passionately, but it’s just not the case. While they were SO MUCH BETTER than my husband and I were at their age (understatement of the year!), like every child, they both had to face the reality that second-hand faith is no faith at all. Walking through this life in step with the One who made us and calls us His own becomes a very personal decision that every human must ultimately make for themselves.

Ask most mamas the deepest desire of their hearts, and you’ll find that it’s not often about their own needs or aspirations. What wakes parents in the night, what consumes much of their thought life and prayer life, is almost unanimously their concern for their children.

Our children are our greatest joy, and greatest ache, too. At all times, they own a massive piece of our preoccupation. So, every Christian mama most deeply longs to witness her children pursuing Faith for themselves.

Some of you reading this may feel shame as you consider where your grown children are and how far they deviated from the Faith you hold so dear. Hear me! The enemy would LOVE for you to stop believing things can change. The one who seeks their destruction is counting on your weariness in order to silence your intercession.

Kingdom Mama, who will ever pray for your son or daughter like you? Who else will love them enough to believe in them beyond this season? If you stop, the enemy of their soul wins!

As you consider the present condition of your children, this Word below may seem preposterous. Declare it anyway! Pray this over them especially when it seems unreasonable. Remember, you’re praying to the One who specializes in “impossible!” In God, what once seemed dead can live again! I stand with you and I believe with you, too!


Isaiah 54:13-14 (tPt)

“All my children will be taught by Yahweh and great will be their peace and prosperity.

They will be established in righteousness.

Oppression — be far from them!

Fear — be far from them!

Yes, terror will not come near them, nor will they be afraid.”


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