In The Spotlight

Asia Pepper What makes you YOU? Since I was young, my parents always said I had a heart for people. I was born premature, so I think it is important […]

Zoom Dysmorphia

At the beginning of the pandemic, I knew we would have a lot of trauma from staring at ourselves. And now, nearly two years later, we’re facing this crushing realization […]

In the Spotlight

Nicole Zelniker What makes you YOU? My community contributes a lot to who I am. I’m determined, I’m driven, and I’m compassionate, but I wouldn’t be any of those things […]

Being Authentic At Work

We’ve been hit by messaging for the past few years to BE OURSELVES. At this point, I think some folks got this down pat – they show up and are […]

In the Spotlight

Kellie P. Easton What makes you YOU? My drive to bring my tangible self into the fullness of my conscious self makes me, me. I was raised by beautiful people […]

The Plague of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is truly the root of so many awful things. Think about where it comes from: studies show the root cause is basing your self-worth on your achievements. If your […]

Being Angry is OK

  Forgive and forget.  Move along.  Don’t be mad.  Is anger helping anyone? How often are you told to get rid of anger? Growing up, anger was seen as this […]

And…My Friend is Toxic

And…my friend is toxic We talk a lot about toxic romantic relationships – looking for red flags, warning signs and the like are pretty common discussion points among groups of […]