F45 Training: Invest in Yourself with Team-Focused Fitness!


If you are new to F45 Training, welcome to the world of team-focused training for all ages and physical abilities. Break down the name of this popular concept, and you’ll find the “F” stands for functional training, paired with a 45-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, alternating strength, cardio, and hybrid-based workouts each day. And yes, the calendar says January, so no time like the present to join a fitness community that embraces all, and provides an incredible workout each and every day.


Owner Dee Duggan opened the F45 Training Winston-Salem location in January 2020, after having lived overseas for over 20 years.  Dee was a member at the F45 overseas and loved it so much she wanted to bring F45 Training home to Winston-Salem.

“I love the concept, the community, and the workouts,” she explains. “The workouts are different every single day, and my body never adapts, even after five years of working out at F45 Training!  I don’t have to think about the workout, as it’s something you come in and do, knowing you will be working your body at maximum capacity at every single class.”

F45 Training is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout, while also improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance. Its popularity also includes time-efficiency, with a goal of burning up to 750 calories per each 45-minutes session.

There’s no worry about a format, as the science behind each workout is programmed for you by their corporate athletics team, allowing your personal energy to be focused on reaching your individual goals.  Each day builds on the previous day’s workout and includes both cardiovascular fitness work and muscle building, whether lean or bulk, to make sure all muscle groups are worked.

“The programming itself is a global program written by the F45 Global Athletics team, and is built on science,” says Dee. “Each day, the same workout is run in every studio around the world, through our technology systems, and coached locally by our certified trainers.  Our trainers focus on form, modifications, and progressions, and can coach both the athlete and novice in the same class using different weights or progressions to keep everyone working to their max capacity and to ensure everyone in the same class has an awesome workout. Whether an individual chooses a 90-pound or 15-pound dumbbell, our coaches are watching … keeping everyone accountable and making sure the weight is right for each individual!”


During their seven-day trial period, prospective members are given the opportunity to meet with a coach to discuss their overall goals (fitness and nutrition) and to help determine the best plan of action. A Fit 3D scan determines a starting point, and based on individual goals and the scan, trainers can recommend a membership option to reach realistic goals.

“We usually recommend an unlimited plan, which allows members to come to the studio daily, have access to our online portal (online workouts when you can’t make it into the studio), an entire nutritional portal with all types of recipes to help members reach their goals, and follow-up meetings with our coaches, if desired, to help stay on track with accomplishing and tweaking goals,” explains Dee.

F45 Training Winston-Salem is proud of their community feel – in every aspect – and coming together as a team to support each other, achieve fitness goals, and also reach personal milestones outside the studio. Coaches, which includes a current team of seven, know the members and are invested in their successes!  “Our team is passionate about people and their desire to be the best version of themselves and we pride ourselves in making sure we know each individual and what they want to accomplish,” says Dee.

“We have fun and we get the work done,” she adds. “We get results, knowing what each individual puts into their fitness regimen is what they get out of it. If you’re truly invested in your goals, our coaches are going to do everything in their power to help you achieve them. It’s like one-on-one personal training in a group training studio!”

There’s no doubt the F45 Training coaches are an enormous part of the studio’s inspiring vibe, including keeping energy at a high level and facilitating the “team training” approach familiar to all F45 communities. You’ll see members motivating each other from the first minute you walk into the studio, whether it’s a high-five or a fist-bump, but it’s always heartfelt. Dee explains the importance of their heart rate monitor system, allowing members to compete with themselves – or a teammate! – keeping everyone accountable. The system’s real-time data is also a useful tool for coaches to monitor progress and suggest new strategies if needed.

Here’s another popular perk: With thousands of exercises in the F45 database, and nearly an infinite number of possible combinations, members will almost never take the same class twice!

F45 Training in Winston-Salem is located at 486 N. Patterson Avenue, Suite 125, in Innovation Quarter at Bailey Power Plant (just behind the RJR Smoke Stack!) Visit the website F45training.com/winstonsalem for more information or call 336-703-7556, and follow the studio on Instagram @f45_training_winstonsalem. F45 Training is open seven days a week with class times ranging from 5:30 am through 6:30 pm, during the week, and morning classes being offered on the weekends!

What it’s like to be on the Team:

Krissy Peters, Studio Manager and Head Trainer

“To be part of a team means you must first create a community of like-minded people who push each other to want to be the best version of themselves! F45 Winston- Salem has been my “team” since we opened in 2020. Our goal has been to create a ‘safe space’ for all who come through our doors to feel empowered and welcomed. It’s a dream come true to be able to witness so many others accomplishing goals they never knew were possible, and believe in themselves for the first time. It’s a privilege to wake up and go walk side-by-side with our members on their fitness journey.

Why F45 Training Winston-Salem:

Dave Julku, Member

“I have been a member for about two years, and it’s one of the best gyms I have belonged to – they go the extra mile to make you feel like family! I recently had a chance to try another F45 location, and F45 Winston-Salem is a step up in many ways, starting with the warm, upbeat way the coaches greet you. They set up the workouts and lay out equipment so it’s easy for members to flow through the workout, and receive positive encouragement along the way. I feel horrible when I travel and can’t go, but know when I come home I’ll be greeted with a warm welcome back!”

Why F45 Training:

Rachel Carrasquillo, Member

“F45 Training has helped me discover my love of working out again. As a medical student at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, F45 Training is the perfect stress reliever for me, and I always leave in a better mood. One of the many aspects that makes it stand out among other gyms is the amazing community that keeps me coming back, class after class.”


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