F45 Training: Invest in Yourself with Team-Focused Fitness!

PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE If you are new to F45 Training, welcome to the world of team-focused training for all ages and physical abilities. Break down the name of this popular concept, and you’ll find the “F” stands for functional training, paired with a 45-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, alternating strength, cardio, and […]

Brooke Notes: The Publisher’s Perspective

PHOTO BY MEGAN BLACK PHOTOGRAPY The beginning of a new year! 2023 is going to be a good one, I can feel it. While January is the first month of the year, I’m going to spare you from all the “New Year, New Me” stuff. To pull a line from one of my favorite articles […]

Keep it Real: I Like “New!”

I like “new!”  It feels fresh and clean.  “New” has no baggage, no memories to beat me around.  It’s untainted by yesterday’s failures and life’s regrets.  “New” offers me a blank slate to start again.  I like “new!” Given the astonishing opportunities afforded by “new,” why is it that we often use it so feebly?  […]

Overthink Much?

Do you tend to overthink things? Consider what you should have said or done? Relive discussions or circumstances? Analyze mistakes in great detail? Get consumed with what-ifs or I-should-haves? I used to do this all the time but finally realized that overthinking things was pointless and didn’t add value in most situations. It is important […]

A Break Up Letter, With Love, to New Year’s Resolutions

Dear New Year’s Resolutions, There is something I’ve got to get off my chest. From elementary school essays and college dorm vision boards to Facebook posts and journal entries into adolescence and adulthood you’ve been there… reminding me of the year ahead, the person I want to become each January. You’ve played such an important […]

First Look at the 2023 Women on the Move Leadership Conference

PHOTOS BY MEGAN BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY There is magic in the making as we countdown to Monday, March 20th for the 2023 “Women on the Move Leadership Conference ” hosted by Forsyth Woman Magazines. We hope you will join us for the second year of bringing our monthly “Women on the Move” column to life in […]

A Bright Moment: Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon

Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon Servings: 4 Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Total time: 40 minutes Ingredients 4 Salmon Fillets (4-6 oz. each) 1 lb. Fingerling or Baby Yukon Potatoes 1 bunch Asparagus, trimmed, about 1 lb. 1/2 cup Unsalted or Salted French Butter, melted 1/3 cup Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed 4 Garlic […]

The ART Beat of Forsyth Woman: Yolanda Grier

Yolanda Grier  | Abstract Artist & Author A monthly column that keeps its finger on the pulse of Forsyth’s artists and their inspiring stories This month’s featured artist and author, Yolanda Grier, shares her perspective and journey of finding beauty in the broken, sharing the wholeness that healing brings in each of her works.. How […]

CarePatrol of Winston-Salem: A Calm Voice When Choices Matter Most

PHOTS BY JODIE BRIM CREATIVE Transitioning a loved one to senior living is never easy. Emotions are high and questions are many – but knowledge is power! Having experts available to lead you through an overwhelming sea of options can be life-changing, and there’s no better choice than CarePatrol of Winston-Salem. Founded in 1993, CarePatrol […]

Habit Stack Your Way to a Better Day

Life changes when we make changes, when we consistently incorporate new behaviors into our day. So, let’s be honest: If we think in terms of changing our life, we’re likely to feel overwhelmed and – no surprise – discouraged. But if we corral the notion of change by translating it into an action or a […]

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