Conversation with Your BFF: ‘My Date Hates My Dog…What Should I Do?’

As the dog mom of four rescue pups, dating someone who doesn’t love my fur babies is not ever going to happen. In fact, two of my pups found their way to me after their owner of three years started dating a woman who didn’t like dogs or any animals, in general. The girlfriend posted the pups on Craigslist to quickly get rid of them. I contacted the owner, and after hearing the story of why he was rehoming them, my reply was, “If I were you, I’d keep the dogs and rehome the girlfriend. Her not liking animals is just one of the red flags to come. Trust me.” Needless to say, since they are with me, he kept the girlfriend. What if you fall head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t like your pets… what do you do? I am so glad you asked.

“You Don’t Like Animals? Seriously?!” 

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that most recent data shows that 67% of American households have a pet of some kind. That number grows a bit each year, but not as much as the number of single people with pets. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association found that 57% of single women living alone have pets and 43% of men. With numbers like this, your chances of falling for someone who likes or has a pet would seem high, but just in case you fall for the odd one who doesn’t, what comes first…your pet or your love life?

Loving an animal is a good indication of how a person will love you. People who love animals usually have a deeper love for others and understand love in general better. Plus, animals are our best representation of pure, unconditional love. In animals, we see an example of how we are ultimately to love, and if someone doesn’t appreciate that type of love seen in an animal, you might want to think twice on having that person in your life. If you can’t look at a puppy or kitten and get a warm feeling, something is definitely wrong.

Sometimes your new love interest may lead you to believe they love animals, although they’ve never had a pet in their life, but pay attention when you introduce your new ‘friend’ to your ‘furry friend.’ Animals, especially dogs, are much better judges of character than we could ever be. Dogs know when someone is giving off bad vibes, and they usually let you know. If your pet shies away from your new love, think twice before keeping that person around.

It’s understandable that some people are drawn to dogs more than cats, but to not like either, well, there’s something up with that. There is an exception and that would be if someone is allergic to animals. For me, that would be a fate worse than death with the love I have for animals, but allergies can be miserable, so a love interest would get a pass, but then you still have to decide, should the relationship move forward, can you live apart, or perhaps rehome your animal? I can also understand anyone who had a bad experience, like a dog bite, in their past and they have a fear of dogs. But as with allergies, you really need to weigh having your animal in your life or this new person. You are your pet’s universe, and they have feelings, too.

I often read on social media, ‘A dog will never break your heart,’; that’s not true. They will never break your heart on purpose, but the day they leave this life, your heart will be broken. However, our partners could betray us at any point, usually on purpose. The loyalty of a pet has no bounds, but people do, even the best of them.

So, just as you would consider things that may be a deal-breaker in a relationship like smoking, alcohol, excessive spending, etc., consider if your possible new mate can open their heart to your pet. The love from your pet will always exceed what you expect, the love of a person, not so much.


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