Constructing Dreams: Making the Most out of a Master Bedroom and Bath

Behind the door of a master bedroom is a room for privacy and relaxation, as well as a sleep sanctuary.  The color of the walls, the placement of the bed, and the accessories define an escape from the outside world.  Although, it is not a room for visitors, the master bedroom has become a room beyond the placement of apparel and shoes.  It is a room to become reenergized or to attain tranquility and peace.

Theme: The first question is, “What helps you to relax and feel comfortable?”  Each style you select will lend itself toward different features and colors. If you are seeking a natural theme, such as tan and off-white, the selection will fit well with your choice.  For instance, a romantic style would suggest a four-posted bed with a canopy, and include rich wood tones, and soft colors such as white and beige with gold or silver tones.  On the other hand, a country style exudes openness and comfort.  It may feature an iron framed bed, a sitting bench or chair, hard wood flooring, and natural lighting filtering through the windows.  With soft wall colors, bold patterns may be found in the print of the quilt or rug.

Themes can include the beach or a rustic setting, tropical or Mediterranean, cottage or French country, Asian, eclectic, or traditional.  A few accessories can give your master bedroom the feel that you’re looking to create.

Functionality: In planning for the elements of your master bedroom, consider what type of bed and accessories would offer the most storage and essential space.

Ideas to consider:

  • A platform bed with drawers underneath ensures a clutter free zone.
  • Are you a night time reader? If so, where would a table lamp fit your purpose?
  • Is there room for a bench or chair?
  • Is a floor length mirror necessary?
  • In which direction is the room facing? Are you going to receive sun exposure in the morning or evening?  How much light do you want to allow in your room?

The theme and color scheme will lead to the purpose of the finer details, such as placement of the essential and necessary accessories.

The Bathroom

The one room where your day begins and ends is in the bathroom. It is a place to reflect upon health and wellness, inspiration and positive emotions.  A bathroom no longer needs to feel cramped, dark, and cluttered; it should fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

Storage: Creating more efficient storage spaces is one of the key goals in finding a functional and peaceful room.  And, there is no place better to begin than in the master bathroom.  The visual of a cluttered countertop needs to change. You may begin by adding specialty dividers for cosmetics and jewelry, whether it is a drawer or a cabinet. (Ask yourself how much of what is found on the countertop is used?  Be selective and minimize your “clutter.”  Would an additional outlet, even inside a cabinet assist your daily routine? If room allows, consider adding a small ottoman, which opens up for added storage.

Lighting:There are many wonderful ways to create an inviting atmosphere through natural light.  A dimmer switch can help set the tone for an evening shower or early morning; however, relying only on natural lighting, you may want to research the benefits of solar tubes and remote-controlled skylights, with the option to open and close.

Shower or Bathtub:   One of the biggest questions couples ponder is whether to include the bathtub in the master bathroom. It is one additional piece that consumes space.  In the modern era of luxury, frameless glass showers or tiled showers without a door have become quite popular.  It suits couples of all ages, and is especially practical for the elder couple who need additional space to enter and exit.  (If a bathtub is important for bathing young children or grandchildren, consider adding it to the plans of a shared bathroom.)

The master bedroom and bath are special places for the ones occupying them.  Make them rooms of comfort, and your definition of perfection!

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