Why & How to Start a Blog

We are living in an age where folks are becoming more expressive with writing, photos, and videos. For those feeling led to blog, here’s how to begin!


Tell your story and document a personal journey. If your aim is to reveal who you are to the nations, share an inspiring life story, or document a personal journey that you believe will motivate others, then a personal blog will suit your yearnings. A personal blog is basically an interface where you can be as quirky, intelligent, fashionable, and as creative as you dare to be. No one can tell you how to behave on your website…the beauty of having a personal blog is basking in your free reign. So, if you want to document your college experience, a workout journey, a pregnancy term, first year of marriage, studying abroad, mission work, or even dealing with or recovering from cancer, a personal blog may be a milestone in your path.

Express your insights, knowledge, interests, and passions.What is something you have down to an art? What are your deepest passions? What are some topics and ideas that you can really teach others? What do you live to talk about and break down? A blog is also an outlet for you to disburse the mysteries and intricacies of your mind. This area of blogging really helps others to see who you are, what you know, and what you stand for. If teaching people is one of your love languages, this is a fitting option for an aspiring blogger. This option of blogging is ideal for food bloggers, book bloggers, photographers, educators, activists, sociologists, art critics, theorists, and just anyone who enjoys tinkering with ideas.

Share your faith.Any believer in God who wants to exercise their spiritual gifts, edify fellow believers, and help birth new believers will love creating a faith blog. With the gift of technology, faith bloggers can reach thousands and millions of people from diverse nations (the Disciples probably wish they had this luxury); these bloggers don’t even have to travel unless they feel led to. Technology is making it easier to spread the Gospel and spiritually teach others every day.

Hone your writing, technological, or speaking skills.There is nothing wrong with blogging if your writing skills aren’t up to par or if you’re not the best with technology. Allow yourself to learn and strengthen your skills. There is no wrong or right way to blog. The only “wrong” way to blog is to be anyone or anything other than yourself. That’s the idea of a blog – to showcase who you are and what your personal values, convictions, and opinions are.


Read!The best writers are usually better readers and learners. Reading everything from novels, magazines, newspapers, other blogs, websites, and nonfiction will provide you with knowledge, help you explore your writing style, and give you different perspectives.

Study other bloggers.You may look at other experienced bloggers as a template to help you get started on your project. Look at their layouts. What plugins or interesting features stand out? Does their blog have social media buttons to access the blogger’s channels? Is the overall theme of the blog consistent with their content? This may help you shape your own blog, but remember to be original!

Ask yourself what you want to talk about and explore.Many people want to blog but may not know where to begin. A grand starting point is to explore yourself. Bloggers cannot just sit down and begin writing; they must have a main objective – otherwise they will have an empty, meaningless article and readers wouldn’t get anything out of it. So, find your main objective. What is your “why”?What topics or causes are you glued to and why do you want to write about them?

Find a blogging site where you can create your website using templates.WordPress, Wix, and Weebly are free with designs and templates you can select from.

If you feel called to start a blog, don’t ignore it! When you birth your blog, be sure to promote it via social media, business cards, or the old-fashioned word of mouth!



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