The Chermak & Hanson Orthodontics Top Five: How they brighten smiles!

Dr. David Chermak and Dr. John Hanson know the “adventure” of wearing braces involves much more than just straightening teeth. While you’re perfecting that wonderful smile, you also want to feel as confident as possible, and as comfortable as possible, with doctors and a friendly office staff you’ll be seeing regularly for quite some time!

Orthodontics is more than just one procedure – it’s an experience. That’s why at Chermak & Hanson, it’s the entire journey that matters, from start to finish. Since 2003, when the two took over the very successful Winston-Salem practice built by Dr. McLain and Dr. Steedle, Dr. Chermak and Dr. Hanson have carried on the original team’s mission of maintaining exceptional care with a commitment to treat patients as they would treat their own families. The last 25 years have seen tremendous advances in technology in the field of orthodontics, and Chermak & Hanson has adapted many of these new procedures to ensure – as always – the complete satisfaction of their patients.

If you’re shopping for the best orthodontics practice to nurture your family’s bright and happy smiles, and also fit with your personalities, give some thought to these Top Five reasons Chermak & Hanson patients recommend them so highly to everyone they know!

  1. Chermak and Dr. Hanson offer their patients the most modern braces available, which allows for a speedier treatment timeframe, much less overall discomfort, a longer time between appointments, and even fewer appointments overall. For children and teens, this means less time missing school and extracurricular activities.
  2. The practice uses a combined orthopedic, orthodontic approach to correct a patient’s bite and facial imbalance, which results in fewer instances of jaw surgery or the unnecessary extraction of permanent teeth.
  3. When it comes to service, the care you receive at Chermak & Hanson is second to none. Both doctors make themselves personally accessible to patients, and parents of young patients who have questions. Their office phones are answered by regular staff members even during lunch hours and on non-patient days – you won’t be speaking to a third-party answering service.
  4. As a courtesy, Chermak & Hanson will file insurance claims for patients, and also accept assignment of benefits, which relieves patients (and parents!) from insurance hassles and time-consuming paperwork. The practice also offers in-office, zero percent financing to keep orthodontic payments as low as possible.
  5. Chermak and Dr. Hanson both see patients for a minimum of two years after their braces are removed, in order to monitor and adjust retainers and keep an eye on developing wisdom teeth. That’s a perfect example of how they continue to treat you like family!

As part of that concept, the doctors see themselves and the local families they serve as part of the larger community, and they stay in touch with them through the years. Chermak & Hanson continues to be involved with local youth sports, local theatre and arts programs, and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Catholic Charities, Samaritan’s Purse, and Habitat for Humanity. Thankful for their continued success and devoted patient base, the entire team at Chermak & Hanson is known for giving back and nurturing every aspect of the community as part of their role.

Chermak & Hanson Orthodontics offers three different offices, conveniently located at 1564 N. Peacehaven Rd., Winston-Salem, 336-760-1491; 3742 Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, 336-766-8244; and 524 S. Main St., King, 336-983-4551. Visit them online at, and reach out today to one of their practices to start your journey to an even more beautiful smile!



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