5 Things to Do on Sunday for Your Most Productive Week

Have you ever heard that saying, “If you don’t run your day, your day will run you”? I have a feeling that whoever said this was talking about Sundays in particular. I don’t know what it is about Sundays, but they go by faster than any other day of the week it seems.

I’ve decided it’s because that is the day of the week that so many of us feel like we are chasing daylight, trying to fit as much as possible in before the week starts over again! Weekdays come with their own set of stressors and scheduling conflicts, and sometimes all blend together in a blur!

So, what if I told you that Sunday could be the answer you’ve been looking for? That with a little tweak to your mindset and a few simple steps, you could turn your Sunday into a launching pad for your most productive week ever!

Clean the House

Now of course, this isn’t our favorite thing to do on the weekend, but, hear me out. Having a clean space is proven to help us relax, be less distracted and be more creative, and studies have even shown it helps us sleep better! Put a little chunk of time on Sunday towards picking up the house, emptying the trash and making sure the bathrooms are clean to help make your home a welcoming space with less distraction. Let Sunday start you off with a clean space and you’ll be surprised how much less likely you are to let it get messy during the week.

Pack Your Gym Bag

How many times have you said you’d head to the gym after work or attend that yoga class in the afternoon and something as small as not having time to pack your gym bag gets in the way? Taking as little as twenty-five minutes to pack your gym bag for the week on Sunday can encourage you to work out more and make it easier to avoid. Think about which activities you’ll be doing that week and pack the number of active wear outfits you’ll need. Be sure to also throw in things like headphones, hair tie, a water bottle, your fitness tracker and charger, etc.

Meal Prep

How much nicer is your Monday morning going to be when you already have breakfast ready to grab and go? Preparing things like overnight oats or hardboiled eggs for breakfast can be a game changer when you’re running out the door. Taking time to review your schedule for the week and what meals you will and won’t be eating at home allows you to prepare ahead of time. Instead of running around at lunch time or coming home each evening to cook dinner, carving out time on Sunday to prep meals and snacks for the week can make things so much easier. It’s like getting time back in your pocket while helping you eat healthier with prepped meals already portioned out and fresh.

Plan Your Outfits

How much time is wasted each morning picking out what we’re going to wear before we head to work or take the kids to school? If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot of time! Sunday is the perfect time to check the weekly weather forecast and step into your closet to plan out your outfits for the week. Rather than washing several loads of laundry aimlessly, this helps you see what you’ll be needing and make sure you’re including these specific pieces. Have your weekly wardrobe hung up in your closet ready for the week ahead.

Create a Schedule/To-Do List

Even if you aren’t a type A personality necessarily, it doesn’t mean organization isn’t for you! Get prepared on Sunday by looking at all of your and your family’s appointments and plans for the week ahead. Of course we can’t schedule every little detail, but the events of the week you know ahead of time are great to get down in your calendar or planner.  Creating your to-do list at the same time helps you not only stay organized and more likely to accomplish these things, but allows you to envision your week and its needs.



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