Where Were You When the Earthquake Hit?

BY MARK MATHOSIAN   Do you recall where you were the day Winston-Salem and surrounding cities shook from an earthquake? To refresh your memory, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter near Mineral, Virginia, hit the east coast on August 23, 2011. That afternoon at about 1:52 pm I was standing near the kitchen sink […]

Budget Bzzz: The Cash Envelope Method

Every so often, I add a new trick to my budgeting system. Sometimes this new addition helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. Recently, I tried the cash envelope method, also known as the envelope budgeting system, and this was definitely a positive move. The idea is that you pay everything in cash and don’t use a […]

Moving On Q&A with Samantha Kichman, Traveler

Samantha Kichman, born in South Korea, has never known a life where she hasn’t been traveling. Between trips to Portugal and Honduras and living in Florence for the fall of her fourth-grade year, Samantha found at a young age that traveling was just as important to her as it had always been to her mom. […]

The 411 on Flip Flops

Flip flops first appeared in the U.S. after World War II when soldiers brought this novelty footwear home from Japan. Since that humble debut, flip flops have become the warm weather footwear favorite that now practically symbolizes summer. Flip flops are casual and fun, but fashionable, too, available in every imaginable color and style, graced […]

From Overweight Misfit to Miss Fit Boss: Meet Liz Hronek

Liz Hronek is one of those people who can truly say her experiences have shaped her.  She spent over half her life struggling with her weight and tried every conceivable diet plan.  Liz attended her first Weight Watchers meeting when she was only eight years old.  By the time Liz was in college, she weighed […]

The Healing Powers of St. John’s Wort and Echinacea

Walking in hand with a young child, the question, “What is that name of that flower?” often arises.  Sometimes the answer is known, while other times, it could simply be lost to memory or labeled a weed.  We have all seen flowers that could be described as long bright yellow petals cascading back or a […]

Constructing Dreams: The Purposeful Mudroom

Every household needs a transitional room between the outdoors and indoors to contain the items that essentially clutter the home.  In your house, it may be defined as a menagerie of footwear and coats, sports equipment, and a means to clean muddy or wet paws.  The popularity of such an essential room has increased in […]

Water’s Fall

Droplets of water pound against the windows leaving a reminder of Mother Nature’s impression. Evidence of pools of standing water may be found close to the house or throughout the yard.  Underneath these poor drainage locations, moss may be evident where neither flowers nor grass can grow.  Standing water may result in a larger problem […]

Plants Become Stressed and Sick, Too!

Not all plants are transparent with their needs.  Take the beautiful peace lily, for instance.  The emerald leaves will begin to wilt as an indication the soil lacks moisture.  By pushing one finger six inches through the surface, you will be able to determine the condition of the soil.  For a quick pep-me-up solution for […]

Car Care 4: How to Clean the Upholstery

When the majority of our activity is spent seated in a vehicle, it takes hours to a few days to realize the fresh and clean upholstery requires a touch-up.  Accidents happen, whether it is an on-the-go meal or a spilled drink.  No matter whether the interior is leather, cloth, or carpet, it does not take […]

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