Purpose Push: Cultivating Love in Your Business

I have had many jobs and experienced many work environments in my adult life. Though hopping from job to job has limitations, these experiences helped me realize what I want and don’t want to bring into my company culture as it grows. From too relaxed to too restricting, there’s something to learn from every place […]

Purpose Push: From Resolutions to Results

Happy New Year, Boss! I hope you’ve arrived at a place where the New Year doesn’t incite overwhelm in your spirit. The New Year can be viewed as a marker to track history and growth – it’s not something to stress about. If you had goals you didn’t attain before 2024, reflect on your effort […]

Purpose Push: Are You Aligned? 

As we get ready for the New Year, we can experience a multitude of emotions, from excitement to anxiousness to being nonchalant. I believe how we feel about the New Year, along with any other milestones, is an indicator of how aligned we are with our life’s purpose. From what I’ve experienced and observed in […]

Purpose Push: Peace Over Everything

Did you know the opposite of peace is not chaos, but fear? When we aren’t sure about certain things in our lives, whether big or small, it can cause us to stress over the future, which disrupts our peace.  Have you ever tried to complete a work-related task in the middle of family or friend […]

Purpose Push: Intention isn’t enough 

In June, I wrote about us as boss women being intentioned for greatness. That is true because God is within us and He has a carefully crafted plan for our lives if we would just lean into who we were born to be.  This month, I want to talk about our intentions. We can all […]

Purpose Push: Ditch the Doubts 

Unlike children, I ponder why adults have a hard time believing in themselves. Add the weight of being a woman in misogynistic environments and it’s a miracle we get any recognition at all. As women entrepreneurs, we’ve all heard those whispers of self-doubt trickling in, saying things like, “You’re not qualified for this,” or “You […]

Purpose Push: Back in the Groove!

Last month, I talked about taking a break and why it’s important for your long-term health and success. Well…did you take a break? If you did, I bet you feel refreshed and may even be ready to get back to work. When we are operating in our purpose, sometimes we miss being in the mix […]

Purpose Push: Don’t hesitate to take a break!

As women entrepreneurs, we wear many hats that can add up to a lot of tasks, time, and stress. In this society, where hustle and productivity are often glorified, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the rat race. If you’re anything like me, you often think about your future, which puts pressure […]

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