Hustle & Heart – Three Stories Your Brand Needs to Be Telling

You will never stop hearing that storytelling is the key to your best content strategy. We all know this! Humans are designed to love stories from an early age – they pull us in! When it comes to your brand, the type of stories you share with your audience can make the difference between a […]

Hustle & Heart: 3 Ways to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Whether we’re talking about mashed potatoes, baked goods or branding, consistency matters. All jokes aside, the business world is more competitive than ever with several markets beginning to feel over saturated so when you’re looking to stand out, creating a consistent brand can do the trick!  Building the “like, know, and trust” factor by showing […]

Hustle & Heart: Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Keep Your Content on Brand

The moment your customer opens a social media app or glances at their email inbox, so much is fighting for their attention. As a small business owner, building a strong and consistent brand is crucial for fighting through the noise to attract and retain customers. Your brand is more than just a logo or a […]

Hustle & Heart: 5 Ideas to Get Out of Your Summer Sales Slump

We are smack dab in the middle of summer, and while everyone else is dreaming about sandy beaches and sipping colorful cocktails, you’re brainstorming ways to fall out of the dreaded summer sales slump. Fear not! With some strategic summer promotions and a sprinkle of market research you can feel confident and turn the heat […]

Hustle & Heart: 5 Emails Your Audience Actually Wants to Receive From Your Business

“Don’t build your business on borrowed land.”  Translation? Stop creating a digital marketing strategy based on social media alone. Every social platform can change their rules with the snap of their fingers or disappear completely leaving leads lost. Email marketing allows you to get up close and personal with your audience one inbox at a […]

Hustle & Heart: Is it Time for Your Business to Break Up With Networking?

If I could go back in time to when I first started my business I would tell myself that I was wasting time at all the networking events I kept adding to my carefully considered calendar. While each event was a lovely way to get to know others in my industry and community, merely attending […]

Hustle & Heart: Three Reasons to Focus on Building Brand Reputation

Don’t worry about getting your first one hundred customers. Worry about getting your first five and serving them really well. My biggest advice to any ambitious new business owner is to concentrate on reputation first. It takes time to build a reputation and whether you focus on it or not, it’s going to form. Better […]

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