Breathing New Life Into Old Home Decor | Simple DIYs to Update a Space Without Buying New

Remember when your parents told you that everything comes back in style eventually? The love for nostalgia never seems to go out of style and can clearly be seen in the fashion industry, but when it comes to home décor, it’s actually truer these days than ever!

Both Inspirational and Impactful

With renovation and interior design trendsetters like Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” and hit shows like “Flea Market Flip” and “Thrift Hunters,” there has been a renovation revival going on. This expands past houses themselves and into the way people view the items that make their house their individual home. Being able to look around at existing pieces in a home or finding old items that you could reimagine with a new purpose or design is not only inspiring but also impactful. With new light being shed every day on environmental issues and more education available on reducing waste and being more sustainable, renovation and repurposing is a beautiful way to go when decorating. There truly has never been a better time to look around your home and give new life to things of the past!

Getting Started

Take Inventory of Your Home

There may be pieces both old and new across your home that just don’t feel like you anymore or really don’t make the impact you are wanting to make at this point in time. Take time to review the items in your home from furniture to decorative decor and make mental notes of what you love and what may have worn out its welcome.  

Collect Style Inspiration 

While you may not be diving into a room renovation right now or ready to refinish every piece of furniture in your collection at the moment, the time will come to jump in. Start learning your home style and looking at how it’s evolved. Who and what inspires you? What brings joy to your home? Keep magazine pages or snap photos of décor that speaks to you, or start a Pinterest board online where you can save all your home inspiration images so you can reference when the time is right. 

Tips and Tricks for Simple Updates

Furniture: Couches, Headboards, Dressers, Nightstands & Tables

From second generation hand-me-downs to bargain finds from IKEA or Rooms-to-Go, there comes a time where furniture that once made you “ooh and ahh” starts to feel out of place in your home. If you have the budget or skill set to reupholster a couch or chair, you may find that new fabric brings brand new life into those pieces. Simple supplies like an electric sander and a great coat of chalk paint can make any old wood furniture take on a trendy farmhouse or shabby chic look. Changing up the trim color or adding different furniture legs can also make a piece feel new and exciting. Sometimes furniture outstays it’s welcome in a certain space, so try moving it to another spot in your home or office to see if it just needed a change of scenery to stand out.

Wall Decor: Mirrors, Canvas Art, Picture Frames & Signs

Somehow over the years, decorative wall décor can pile up not only on your walls themselves but hiding in closets or the garage from purchases that never fulfilled their purpose. Often, picture frames and artwork tend to make the list of forgotten pieces that wind up tucked away for years. If you are bored with the appearance of your bare walls or your current wall hangings, play up your pieces by putting them together and curating a gallery wall. Grab a can of spray paint in a fun color or striking metallic and spray old frames or mirror edges to fit the look you’re wanting. Take things down that don’t feel right, and see what other spots in your space may feel bare and in need of those exact pieces that had been hiding elsewhere.  

Storage: Baskets, Canisters, Shelving & More

Good storage options have been underrated for too long! The more recent comeback of creative storage design is an attractive and useful trend! Old containers or canisters can help you stay organized for small items in areas like the kitchen, linen closet, under the sink, in the bedroom and more. Leave them as is or play them up with a paint job or decoupage! As for larger storage, options like baskets can be repurposed to be planters for indoors or outdoors, or turned into a stylish hamper. Shelves are always helpful for added storage as well as a decorative way to showcase collections of art, books, plants and more. Try staining the wood a new shade or distressing it with a light grain sandpaper to add a new look.


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