Naturally Boost Your Energy

We’ve all been there, feeling down and out and lackluster, simply too tired to trek on. Here are some tips, tidbits, and tricks on how to boost your energy level as you refresh, reset, renew, and rejuvenate your senses. Sometimes we all need a reboot.


Don’t rely on that cuppa caffeine to keep you revved up throughout the day. Too much caffeine actually has an opposite effect and can make you crash. A caffeine overload can cause anxiety, headaches, and sleepless nights. Instead of reaching for another cuppa coffee or black tea to reawaken you, try a cuppa caffeine-free herbal tea with peppermint that typically has a refreshing and renewing effect.


Taking a few whiffs of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils can revive your senses and give you an energy boost naturally. Citrus can be a good choice, whether you opt for orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot or a combination that can be combined with mint. You can add them to a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil and massage them into your skin and hair to tame those frizzies and flyaways. Or, you can add several drops to a spray bottle filled with distilled water for a healthy DIY room spray with a scent that’s uplifting.


Taking a quick cat nap can help boost your brain and benefit your body. But don’t overdo it. Limit your short naps to 30 minutes or so, and let yourself relax and rest. Sniff some lavender essential oil, drink some chamomile tea to calm you down, and don an eye mask to induce sleep. Then, get up, feeling restored and renewed and ready for the rest of your day.


Whether you go to a gym, work out at home, or take a stroll/jog around the block, it’s important to get active. Fill up a water bottle (add a slice of lemon or lime if you like) and get moving! In addition to exercising, it’s important to drink enough water. Your body and mind will thank you and reward you with improved cognition, digestion, and circulation, along with lots of other health benefits (feel free to Google). A power walk or run that gets your heart rate up can be all the cardio you need to give you an adrenaline rush for extra energy. Tired of working out solo? Get a work out buddy or more than one and make it into a fun social event. Then, you’ll associate your sweat-it-out time with positive feelings that’ll help keep you motivated to do it again and again.


These two things that can drain you, you can learn to cut out for a healthier lifestyle and a more energized you. Cut out or limit drinking alcohol to one beverage a day and work on letting smoking go. Why? They can both cause health problems. They are dehydrating and full of toxins. Cut back or cut them out more easily by replacing them with other beverages you like and nicotine replacement gum.


As they often say, “You are what you eat.” So let your food boost your mood and your energy level instead of bringing you down. Pack a punch in the nutrition department and become a revved up powerhouse. Load up on fruits and veggies and eat more fish, like wild-caught salmon that is teeming with omega-3s. And, whether you’re a meat-eater or not, don’t forget the protein. Eggs are an egg-celent source of steady energy that doesn’t spike your blood sugar and keeps you sustained throughout the day. For those who love a sweet treat, studies have shown dark chocolate actually has health benefits, so you don’t have to sacrifice that sweet tooth – generally speaking, the darker the chocolate, the more energy you get.

Try these tips and tidbits for increasing your energy level naturally each day and figure out what works best for you at different times of the day. You’ll be doing yourself a favor and helping your health.



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