The Top 6 Reasons to Choose Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center

Since 1997, Sixth Sense Health and Wellness Center has been a trusted resource for high-quality massage and acupuncture therapies in the Triad.  Owners Nike and Nikki Roach have carved out a name for themselves, and their clients appreciate their holistic-meets-modern-medicine approach… a truly unique collaboration in their industry!  But that’s far and away from the […]

Conversation with Your BFF: Take a Lesson from Elsa and ‘Let It Go’!

As we are now a few months into the new year, you may have begun the task of cleaning things out of your life like clothes you haven’t worn in years, kitchen gadgets you forgot you had, and friends who don’t serve a purpose in your life other than to suck the energy from your […]

To Your Health: Alzheimer’s: Have We Found a Cure?

It’s been nearly five years since the day my wife came home from an afternoon visit with her parents. There was a concerned look about her, and as we talked, she began to express a fear that something was wrong with her dad. Even though she never said anything specific, I knew what she was […]

Sleep Better and Catch More ZZZ’S: Why Sleep is So Important

We’ve all been there, loading up on coffee and slathering on concealer to hide dark and puffy under eye bags while nodding off at work, desperate for a nap. Whatever the cause of your lack of sleep, there are ways to get a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated. Here are […]

Why Opt for Organic?

Organic is so “in,” it has become a trend, but is organic really that much better for you? Is it worth paying extra for? Opting for organic is typically the healthier option as organic has more nutritional value and is free of pesticides and fertilizers, which boost vitamins and antioxidants. Going organic is important to […]

Staging your home like a Pro

Selling a home can easily be one of the most stressful times in a family’s life, but with some helpful tips on staging, it can be streamlined, and the time spent on the market shortened –thus reducing the time you spend stressed out. When asked about why staging a home is important, local realtor at […]

How Smart Technology…Slows…Us…Down…

Think about it for a minute: smart technology can, in fact, slow us down. Since the wake of iPhones and tablets, we’ve become increasingly reliant on these little gadgets to the point where we shudder at the mere thought of going a day—or sometimes a waking hour—without them! We may believe this truth is ironic for […]

How to Make Your Next Networking Event Work for You & Your Biz

I don’t know about you, but my schedule seems to get packed before a new month even begins. Your time is valuable, and like many small business owners, it’s also in high demand. So, hear me when I say this: Not all networking events are created equal and neither are the connections you’ll make. You […]

Writers Who Read: Favorite Love Stories 

Everyone loves a good love story – a tale about two people falling in love and starting a life together. There are many variations of this story available to readers. In this month’s “Writers Who Read,” we are taking a look at favorite romance novels and the good news is that all of these books […]

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