Introducing Your New Retail Therapy: Evelyn Rose Boutique

PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM I don’t know about you, but I am ready to shop after last year. It seems like staying home so much made me excited to get things in my wardrobe – the whole athletic-leisure trend of 2020 is ready to head back into the depths of my closet for a good […]

Find the Right Fitness Program for You at Winston-Salem’s F45 Training

PHOTOS BY JODIE BRIM Bored with the treadmill and clueless in the weight room? Standard fitness centers designed primarily for bodybuilding can be intimidating to newcomers who know nothing about lifting weights. Many individuals want to reach their fitness goals, but are hesitant to begin a new workout regimen. Instead of staying inside your comfort […]

Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem & Mt Airy: Our Warranty is the Difference

PHOTOS BY JEJ PHOTOS  Mack Moore has been improving the value and look of homes in North Winston-Salem & Mt Airy for more than five years. As the owner of Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem & Mt Airy in the northern Piedmont, Mack and team can offer the expertise of design consultants and installation technicians. […]

August 2021 Brooke Notes

PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM Even though I’ve been out of school for nearly ten years now, August will always mean “back to school” for me. I vividly remember the excitement of waiting for the mail to run to see who my teachers would be each year and then heading to Staples—list in hand—to carefully pick […]

Tour de Boutique: A Litmus Test

  I love Tour de Boutique Day.  It’s one of my favorite days of the whole year.  And as the event organizer for the last 16 shopping trips (including the previous Consignment Shop Hops), one of the most frequently asked question I get is, “Where are we going?” The fact that I like to keep […]


PHOTO BY JODIE BRIM I often sit facing wounded hearts that feel so stuck in their present predicament. They yearn to move forward but feel entrenched in quicksand, sinking beneath the weight of the load they carry. They keep bare, deep wounds that continually bleed from something someone said or did that felt especially personal. […]

Overcome Overthinking

When a relative by marriage suggested that I might be “overthinking things,” I felt hurt and a tad defensive: She’s judging me. And since when did deep and deliberate thinking become a bad thing?  Ah, this business of being human! I immediately reacted by trying really hard not to overthink her comment and soon came […]

August 2021 Women on the Move

Megan Black is the owner of Megan Black Photography. She recently quit a 9-5 job to pursue photography full time. “I got into photography after we had our daughter’s one-year-old session with a local photographer, and my daughter was not having it that day; so we ended the session, packed everything up and we went home,” […]

Date Yourself

  I got married and divorced in my early 20s. I got remarried in my mid-30s. My second marriage is my life marriage – this is the one that will last and looking back on my first marriage (and all the relationships in between) I knew nothing else would work. Yes, of course, I truly […]

Dad, Dad, Dad, DAD!

The microwave beeps. I hear one kid asking me to check him in the bathroom to make sure he is clean, while the other kid is in full-pout mode, sitting in front of a workbook page where he’s been for the last half hour. He could just do the last two math problems, or we […]

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