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Bored with the treadmill and clueless in the weight room? Standard fitness centers designed primarily for bodybuilding can be intimidating to newcomers who know nothing about lifting weights. Many individuals want to reach their fitness goals, but are hesitant to begin a new workout regimen. Instead of staying inside your comfort zone on the cardio equipment, break a sweat with a high-intensity, full-body workout in 45 minutes.

F45 Training is perfect for clients of all ages and fitness levels. With the “F” in the name F45 standing for “functional training,” members will find that the focus on their workout is not solely gaining muscle and burning fat for aesthetic purposes. Instead, F45 strives to prepare clients for all stages of life by building strength, endurance, agility, and dedication. Workouts are team-oriented and last for 45 minutes, with the exception of 60-minute workouts on Saturdays.

F45 made its first appearance in Winston-Salem in January 2020, and was unfortunately forced to take a hiatus along with all other fitness facilities due to COVID-19 two months later. F45 was able to weather the COVID storm by offering outdoor workouts near Bailey Park free of charge for those itching for a sense of community and exercise during lockdown. Once fitness centers were able to open up again, F45 was rearing to pick up where it left off – only with a bit more joie de vivre this time around.

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, F45 offers many classes at convenient times for working moms and busy professionals who can’t fit a midday workout into their schedules. Currently, busy clients can get their F45 workout in as early as 5:30 a.m., or wait until the end of their workday as late as 6:30 p.m. The facility also offers two showers to help busy clients make a smooth transition to the office after breaking a sweat before the sun comes up.

Looking to take your new fitness regimen beyond the gym? A perk of being an F45 member is gaining access to the F45 Challenge – a program designed to provide members with nutritional guidance. The F45 Challenge app is loaded with a nutritional catalog and nutritional advice designed to meet diets of all kinds. App users can also mirror studio workouts at home and track their goals, helping hold themselves accountable for their progress.

While many gyms and fitness centers experience high staff turnover, this is far from the case at Winston-Salem’s F45 location. Krissy Peters has been the head trainer at F45 since the studio opened its pop-up locations in October 2019. After opening its studio location in January 2020, Krissy continued her hard work as the studio’s head trainer and excels at building a friendly and trusting rapport with F45 members. Having a tight-knit and loyal staff passionate about the type of training F45 brings to the table helps members feel as if they are not only improving their fitness levels, but also being embraced by a new family of like-minded individuals. Trainers at F45 keep a sharp eye on clients during classes in order to ensure members are using proper technique to prevent injury and optimize the effectiveness of their workouts. Additionally, F45 trainers are adept at knowing when a member needs an extra “push” to finish their workout. Outside of the studio, F45 has given back to those in need by participating in Second Harvest Foodbank’s Thanksgiving Food Drive, Twin City Santa’s annual toy drive, and by hosting the socially distanced F45 WSNC Turkey Track in November 2020.

Interested in getting started at F45? Take advantage of the studio’s free 7-day trial to see if F45 is right for you. Find the Winston-Salem location at 486 N Patterson Avenue, Suite 125. No need to worry about the throes of Downtown parking – there is plenty of parking available within a block of the studio in the 4th-Church Street parking deck.

Additionally, F45 will be hosting Free Friend Fridays on the first Friday of every month. Bring a friend for free with pre-registration to double your fun. On the second Friday of every month, head to F45 for Fitness Fridays. Workout outdoors for free at 5:30 p.m. and enjoy a live DJ to help get your heart rate up. If that’s not exciting enough, everyone who registers for Fitness Fridays will receive drink tickets to F45’s neighbor, Incendiary Brewing. Anyone interested can register for F45 Training events on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit to view the schedule of classes and learn more about what to expect as a member of F45. Check out the team’s Facebook page and stay up to date on the latest news from F45 by following @f45_training_winstonsalem on Instagram.



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