Tour de Boutique: A Litmus Test


I love Tour de Boutique Day.  It’s one of my favorite days of the whole year.  And as the event organizer for the last 16 shopping trips (including the previous Consignment Shop Hops), one of the most frequently asked question I get is, “Where are we going?”

The fact that I like to keep the surprise is strange and frustrating to most people.  After all, everyone who knows me knows that I’m a read-the-last-page-of-the-book-first kind of girl.  My own impatience for knowing information is pretty legendary, so I’m definitely a hypocrite for liking to keep the store list a secret…. But I suppose I could drop some hints….

First though – let’s see if you’re an ideal candidate for the Tour de Boutique.  After all – when we say, “We shop ‘til we drop,” it’s not just a cute saying.  We are women on a mission.  We are shoppers who are serious about stimulating the local economy.  Do you even have what it even takes to be a Tour de Boutique shopper?  Here’s the litmus test:

  1. Are you one of the hippest chicks in your circle of friends?
  2. When you accentuate your style, are you prone to great buys?
  3. Do you simply have the most sterling of tastes?
  4. Does your taste range from barn-wear to country club style?
  5. Is your style swanky with a touch of swag?
  6. Do you like to fiddle around with great finds or figure out the best places to shop?
  7. Do you have southern ties that are rooted in exceptional style?
  8. Do you have a fleet of friends with whom your feet can keep pace for an all-day shopping adventure?
  9. Do you walk your hardwood floors and pace your carpets threadbare in your eagerness to go shopping?
  10. As a resident of the south, does shopping mainly for great deals get you excited?
  11. Is the infrastructure of the local economy something that you care about? And do you love shopping for the upcoming holiday season, with candles and sleigh bells and gifts on your mind?
  12. Do you nitpick and get sassy about the quality of what you buy?
  13. Is it important for you to be styled with when you’re gathering with your friends?
  14. Are you event-oriented and friendly, engaged for a good time with a rosey disposition about boutiques?

It’s a hard test.  Just writing the questions kind of wore me out…. And I think I’ve decided to keep the store list to myself a little while longer….  I’m sure you can read between the lines and understand that writing this quiz was exhausting!

And I definitely need to rest up and get ready!  Tour de Boutique is going to be here before we know it!  And if you haven’t registered yet – I know of 14 great reasons you won’t want to miss it!



Register for this year’s Tour de Boutique!  Due to the popularity of 2020’s self-guided tour – we’re going self-guided again!  Shop at your own pace!  (You’ll likely still drop, though!)  Go to to learn all about it.



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