Budget Blinds® of North Winston-Salem Talks Home Automation

BY MACK MOORE Home automation has never been easier, and Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem can help make it happen for you.  As a Lutron dealer, we can combine the latest in fashionable window coverings with ease and safety of automation. Mack Moore, franchise owner of Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem, states, “Customers are thrilled […]

1502 Fabrics Adding Color and Texture to Your Home

With today’s technology, there’s not much you can’t find online. We use the internet to find love, order dinner, adopt a new dog, keep in touch with family and friends and learn to do home repairs. Everything today is online, and just a click away, including choosing a new fabric or color scheme to decorate […]

Living on the Edge of the Numbers

BY JENNIFER KOENIG/SARAH FEDELE Many people are aware that they should know their blood pressure numbers, but few know why it is important and how it can impact their lives. Winston-Salem resident Cassandra Capers has seen the impact of blood pressure on her family and has experienced it first-hand. In 2015, Cassandra went to the […]

Mainstream Boutique: On a Mission to Give Customers the Best

If you haven’t stopped in Mainstream Boutique in Winston-Salem recently, you are missing out on some great things! In February, the boutique went through renovations and has many excellent finds to add to your spring wardrobe. Sprucing Up for Spring “After five and a half years in business, we decided it was time to spruce […]

DIY: Reinventing your backyard

Gone are the days of cold weather, dry grass, and barren trees. Spring has officially arrived to the Winston-Salem area. The air is fresh, flowers are blooming and everyone wants to be outside. While you can travel to view the beautiful gardens of Reynolda Garden, you can also recreate such splendor in your own back […]

Summit Eye Care: What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction / Dry Eye Disease?

BY KEITH BIGGS O.D. Dry eye disease is a condition that is quickly becoming an epidemic. With smart phones and computer usage, dry eye is expected to increase from affecting 26 million Americans to 55 million within 10 years. Dry eye has been shown to affect twice as many women as men. Some of the […]

Maternity Clothes: What You Actually Need to Purchase

Even though the temptation is high to completely overhaul your closet when you find out you are pregnant, resist the urge. I am here to tell you what you do need regarding maternity clothes! You Absolutely Need: Comfortable Underwear and Bras. This is something I had no idea I would need to purchase when pregnant, […]

Relocation and an Upgrade: A Look into Massage Envy’s Newest Franchised Location

According to owner Jeff Holmes, his and his wife’s love for massage therapy has led them to many exciting opportunities in the industry, including owning and operating two Massage Envy franchised locations in Winston-Salem. Recently, the Holmeses relocated and expanded their first location to offer more space and services for clients. “Amy and I opened […]

Innovative Ways of Journaling

Dear Journal, The act confessing our most personal thoughts and hidden ideas with you has been cherished for centuries. But sometimes, Journal, we need to do a little more than just pile mere words on you repeatedly. So how else could we tell you our deepest thoughts and ambitions that we’re probably too afraid of […]

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