DIY: Reinventing your backyard

Gone are the days of cold weather, dry grass, and barren trees. Spring has officially arrived to the Winston-Salem area. The air is fresh, flowers are blooming and everyone wants to be outside. While you can travel to view the beautiful gardens of Reynolda Garden, you can also recreate such splendor in your own back yard. Oftentimes we underestimate the potential of our own landscape.

First, one has to consider the reward of adding a small garden to your back yard if you do not have one already. A beautiful and properly maintained garden can certainly add vitality, color, and energy to your back yard. This will all make it a much more enjoyable place to visit! With this in mind, read on to find a few easy, do-it-yourself garden and backyard ideas that you should try this spring season. Given the right amount of attention and love, your back yard and garden can be the one your neighbors travel to check out.

Tip #1: Avoid the grocery and grow a vegetable garden. This seems like a no-brainer – not only will you be able to have fresh produce at your disposal, but those delicious veggies also happen to be gorgeous visually. Designate an area of your garden to a few delicious staples, such as cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini. These all have a rustic charm and can help shorten your grocery list.

Tip #2: Keep the stumps! Have you recently cut down a large tree in your yard? Instead of viewing these as an eyesore, consider using them as a place to hold flowers. With a little bit of décor, these can add color and life to an area of your backyard. Moreover, with stump removal costing anywhere between $50- $500 plus dollars, your wallet will thank you!

Tip #3: Junk items are now new garden holders. There is no better way to add some curb appeal to your backyard or garden than with some brightly colored flowers. Specific items can easily be used as plant and flower holders. Old chairs and tables are excellent examples of items that can spruce up a backyard. With a bit of bright paint, consider placing your flowers on top of these items for a new fresh look.

Tip #4: Light it up! One of the easiest ways to make your backyard an oasis is to try stringing lights around your backyard. These can be from one large tree to another, or along your deck. What can make this unique, is trying out different lights/types for different areas. Consider using one type for your garden and another for your sitting area. Lights easily create a romantic and ethereal view.

Tip #5: Hang out with a hammock:  Nothing is more relaxing than hanging out in a hammock. Especially when it is in your backyard. You can find a variety of different hammocks to choose from at a local outdoor store. Better yet, there is always the option of making your hammock. With some sturdy fabric and a few pieces of rope—and of course, you will need two strong trees to sustain your body weight as well—you can have your hammock.

Tip #6: Warm up with a fire pit: Another sure fire way, no pun intended, to create a unique look in your backyard, is through adding a fire pit. A fire pit is another item you could pick up from an outdoor store, or enjoy creating a unique one out of stone!

Tip #7: Invite butterflies to the party: What could be more striking, than having butterflies fly through your garden all year long? This is an easy task through making a homemade butterfly feeder. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but they also attract gorgeous colorful butterflies to the garden, which help pollinate and spread your bright blooming flowers! The best part of this? Most butterfly feeders can be created from household items like plates, pots, and jars.


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