Innovative Ways of Journaling

Dear Journal,

The act confessing our most personal thoughts and hidden ideas with you has been cherished for centuries. But sometimes, Journal, we need to do a little more than just pile mere words on you repeatedly. So how else could we tell you our deepest thoughts and ambitions that we’re probably too afraid of sharing with the world?


Complacent Writer


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to plaster your blank journal with candid and expressive photos (although various photographers do this for inspiration and progress). If words aren’t your way to flow, then show…with pictures. You can make your photo journal any way you want it to be. Take photos of the highest points of your day and even of the lowest points (this helps us stay true to the fact that life isn’t always “picture perfect”). Take photos when you travel, go out to eat, volunteer, babysit, take walks, shop, or when you’re on campus. Any moment is a photo-op…you just gotta be inventive! But if you are a photographer, even an aspiring or a budding one, this method is ideal if you want to record your progress and create more ideas.


Some people prefer talking over writing, and that’s okay. Some are unsure of their writing skills and believe that you must be a Pulitzer prize writer to do, say, old-fashioned journaling. Not true! But if you’re one of those who are more skilled at talking from the tip of the dome, or if you believe your sense of humor translates better when spoken rather than written, then video journaling is the avenue for you. Make it conversational as though you were talking to your girlfriends. Anything you would write in a tangible journal you can express in a video. Laugh, cry, dance, get deep and personal, pray…do and say whatever you feel led to do. If you’re a public person who likes to share your thoughts, well, do just that! Share on your social media or launch a YouTube channel…especially if you believe your video entries are inspirational.


Why scrapbook? If you like to keep physical remnants from memories, invest in making a scrapbook. Here, memories are tangible: you can see, touch, and even smell them. You can scrapbook various experiences such as raising your children, your first year of college, a season of your life where you lived in a different city, state, or country, or when you go on vacation (make it a “travel scrapbook!).


Any storywriters out there? What about poets or playwrights? Creative journaling is a fun, expressive way to exercise your creativity and release novel ideas. With this type of journaling, you can be as eclectic and outrageous as you want. Here’s one way to boost your creative thinking: freewrite. Freewriting is when you grab a pen and notebook and write down the first things that come into your mind, whether or not they make sense. Just let your imagination leap like crazy! Every thought connects to another so keep writing until you have this intricate web of characters, scenarios, and places that you can make into a story…even if they’re imaginary.


So many millennials are utilizing vision boards to creatively express future goals as far as career moves, places to travel, people to meet, and even their dream homes and cars. Test your creativity and morph the vision board idea into a vision board journal. Every day or every week you can add something to your journal that you believe will bring you closer to the actualization of your goals. This can be anywhere from a Bible verse or famous quote to a newspaper snippet of your favorite historic figure you aspire to be like. It can be what you want to accomplish in your work, a photo of someone you want to meet, a business or nonprofit you want to establish, or any hindering habits you need to strip away. This way of journaling is not only very creative but harnesses your ambition and keeps you productive.

So, Complacent Writer, I hope you’re not so complacent anymore! Happy Journaling!


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