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If the job of decorating or redecorating your home – not only with furniture but with flooring and wall coverings, artwork and textiles – seems too big or overwhelming for your available time, know-how, or designing talent, perhaps you could benefit from a consultation with local interior designer Jayme Helms of Jayme Helms Design in Winston-Salem, NC. Jayme has had a circuitous journey to where he is today, each step giving him more knowledge of design and leading him, in 2008, when he moved to Winston-Salem, to work with the great staff at 1502 Fabrics.  “Initially, I found 1502 Fabrics when I was decorating my own home,” said Jayme. “If it’s fabric or textiles, and you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist! 1502 Fabrics is an amazing place for any fabric you want for bedding, pillows or window treatments.”

An Eye for Design

1502 Fabrics, a family-owned business, first opened in High Point, NC in 1975, followed by the Winston-Salem store opening in 1984. With a 15,000 square foot showroom and an experienced, knowledgeable team of seven design professionals, the Winston-Salem location offers you style, selection, and trending colors for any drapery, upholstery, or home accessory, as well as any outdoor fabric needs, all at excellent prices. “1502 Fabrics has two of the largest fabric showrooms in the country,” said Ashley McHenry, 1502 Fabrics’ design consultant, and media coordinator. “Selections are arranged by color, style or application. This prevents customers from getting too overwhelmed when shopping. We work with homeowners who want to update their space with new upholstery, custom bedding or DIY projects. We also work with interior designers like Jayme who can take on projects that go beyond the scope of in-store fabric selection.” It’s easy to walk into 1502 Fabrics with a singular vision and leave with patterns, textures or colors not previously considered. The staff offers an impressive collection of experiences, design backgrounds, and personal aesthetics, giving customers the confidence to think outside the box.

Something for Every Budget and Every Project

Clients and designers like Jayme Helms not only love the 5,000-6,000 fabrics in-house at both 1502 Fabrics locations, but also the expert and knowledgeable team, many who have been in place for well over 20 years. “No matter what my client’s project is, I come to 1502 Fabrics, with my headphones on normally, and walk around and let the design come to me from the textiles. I usually start all my projects with a fabric in mind. 1502 Fabrics has high-end fabrics, but because of their inventory and how they buy, they have fabrics that they bring in at lower costs, and they pass those savings along to customers. I have clients who have me choose just paint colors for a room and then some want just a bit of color added with pillows. For clients who want to add textiles of some sort, 1502 Fabrics has remnants, perfect for pillows, for $4.99 per yard and drapery fabrics for as low as $9.99 per yard; you really don’t have to spend a fortune to make a noticeable change to a room. The team at 1502 Fabrics is great about working within my clients’ budgets and helping me get the look my clients want,” commented Jayme. Designers like Jayme, as well as 1502 Fabrics’ customers, often have in-house designer Sandy Wilson, with over 25 years of experience with 1502 Fabrics, make pillows for them. Other projects like bedding, draperies, table linens, and upholstery can be designed in-house and made locally. Working with fabrics and measurements can get tedious, but the team at 1502 has the experience to know that you ‘measure twice and cut once,’ making sure that you don’t buy more fabric than you need.

Social Media and Online Design

Good or bad, the internet and DIY on HGTV has brought a little bit of design into everyday life. Pinterest is a wealth of design inspiration, which can be a challenge for a designer. “Clients get ideas online and on TV that may not reflect what fits their lifestyle best or what is truly them. I try and help clients make sure their ‘space’ reflects them and fits their needs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a warehouse that I can load up the latest furniture trends and home accessories and come to your house and set it up like it would appear on TV. A custom design and furniture can take several months. Sometimes it’s better for a client to not be completely set on what they think they want, and be open to seeing what is possible. On occasion, you don’t know what you do want, but you definitely know what you don’t. I feel my role is to help clients refine their inner vision,” Jayme said. The 1502 Fabrics team is also available to brainstorm with customers and collaborate to hone in on exactly the feel and look you want to achieve. If you aren’t close to one of the two 1502 Fabric locations, you can access the infinite number of fabrics available online at 1502Fabrics.com.

“Our lives are busier than then ever,” commented Ashley. “Our goal: make fabric shopping easy and convenient. With our increasing online presence, 1502 is in a unique position to assist customers both physically, in the showrooms, and digitally, via the web. Some of the best customers live out of state. Whether or not they are able to visit our stores, and we love when they do, they can expect to receive design assistance, fabric samples and place orders with ease. This modern approach creates a flexible environment for the consumer to access our products without being limited by their location.”

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to warm up a room, do a complete overhaul of your home or a designer working with a client seeking the latest in fabric design, 1502 Fabrics is the place to start with any decorating project when you want the best selection and prices, as well as a knowledgeable team in place to help you along the way.

1502 Fabrics showrooms are located at 936 Burke Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 336-722-3145, and at 2108 Dunmore Court in High Point, NC, 336-434-2153.                                                                                 Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am – 5 pm. Get to know the brand at 1502Fabrics.com and follow them on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to see where their inspiration leads you. Jayme Helms can be contacted at 863-529-8049 or at JHelmsDesign@gmail.com.



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