Writers Who Read: My Top Book Choices

Writer Virginia Woolf once said, “Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.” I’m an avid reader. Give me a book that I can get absorbed in and I’ll have it completed within a week. Like myself, the majority of writers at Forsyth Magazines are fans of reading and now, I’m […]

Dear June September 2018

Congratulations, ladies!  You’ve just completed the Mommy Marathon for the summer.  You have just survived the month of August.  You have done all the prep work, taxi driving, shopping, and scheduling necessary to send your offspring back to school or college. While you were checking off the lists of things to do for your children, you […]

Shop, Sip, and Savor! Celebrate Mainstream Boutique’s 6th Birthday Party September 20 – 22!

BY SUSAN SCHABACKER   A UNIQUE BOUTIQUE! What sets Mainstream Boutique apart from any other store? Personalized shopping experience, plus top-notch, up-to-date, wearable pieces! The store’s personality and atmosphere reflect the vision of owner Anitra Mitchell, who blends her dynamic energy with an uncanny fashion sense for women of all shapes, sizes, and personalities! Mitchell […]

Keeping It Real: Knowing The Real You!

You know you are ancient when you squeeze around the table with single girlfriends to discuss their social life. In the digital dating scene, it is completely normal to just engage multiple guys, none of which you have met. Freaks. Me. Out! Take a breath. I’m not knocking it. Sure, I’ve heard horror stories about […]

Men and MedSpas – What Women Need to Know

BY MARISA FAIRCLOTH, PA-C More often than you might think, I get asked, “Do you treat men?” and my answer is always a resounding “Yes!” In fact, some of my best patients are men, who are referred to me by their wives or girlfriends. Once sought after nearly exclusively by women, non-invasive cosmetic treatments and […]

Roast Cabbage: A Recipe for Those Who Love, or Even Dislike, Cabbage

Years ago, my husband and I were invited to a dinner gathering with good friends.  One of the items on the menu was a steaming plate of roast cabbage. The spices encouraged the nasal passages to breathe deeply; yet, the idea of cabbage was not, at the time, particularly appetizing.  Out of sheer politeness, the […]

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Savvy Strategies for Every Generation

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has always been known for its neighborly, familial approach to business, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to dealing with just that – our families. If you happen to fall between the ages of 40 and 60, you may be feeling a bit of a squeeze in […]

One Day at a Time

I have a favorite saying that actually packs a powerful punch: “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” For some time now, my own goals and dreams have been meshed together, with no specific daily/weekly/monthly game plan in sight. So I’m writing this for our mutual benefit, and as you begin to recognize […]

Pilates and Osteoporosis

BY AMY DIXON At Inner Strength Pilates (ISP), we work with a wide range of injuries and issues. Osteoporosis is a common condition that we see, so I was moved to write this article to educate my little corner of the world! As a new client, you’ll begin with a series of private sessions, to […]

Aeracura Salon

Gearing up for the fall and back to school can be stressful. From buying supplies to getting your class schedule, your days are hectic, to say the least. If time just for yourself sounds like a good idea, then Aeracura Salon in Winston-Salem, NC, is a great place to get a little pampering and relax. […]

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