Diet Center – Preparation Prevents Desperation

Summer 2018 – hope it was a great one for you! As always, it was way too short for me, but it was great to spend time with family and friends! For some reason, all my socializing seems to revolve around food. I am sure the same is probably true for you, though. We have made a conscious effort this year to provide healthy choices at our cookouts and on our beach trip. My motto, “preparation prevents desperation,” stands true, even on vacation!

At Diet Center, we ask our clients to keep a food journal to record what they eat and when they eat. Keeping a journal helps us stay on track and consume the required foods, and at the same time, reminds us we have already had our recommended servings each day. It is so easy to forget what we eat because everyone I know has a lot of facts and items to remember each day – it’s hard to keep track of what they eat on top of all of that! However, awareness is key to staying on track with a reducing program.

Now that summer is a happy memory, we have some other tips for helping you get back on track with a healthy diet. Start now by recommitting to a healthy diet today. Drink your eight glasses of water every day like it is your job. Plan each meal in advance (remember: “preparation prevents desperation”). Eat a balanced diet and don’t try to make up for overeating by NOT eating. Revisit your food journal and repeat a good week. Remind yourself each day how far you’ve come in your journey to better health. MOVE every single day by walking, taking the steps, or parking far from your destination (instead of wasting time and gas searching for the closest parking space). Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week or a bad month. Eat your vegetables every single day (no, mac and cheese is NOT a vegetable). Repeat all the above tomorrow and every day forward.

We have many current and former Diet Center clients who live by these tips, and they have lost pounds and inches. Most importantly, they have maintained their weight/fat loss for years, not just a few months. Do you know anyone that has lost weight and, once the reducing program is over, they have gained back what they lost, plus more? I do! This rebounding effect does not happen with Diet Center’s programs. So you are probably thinking, “Why are Diet Center’s programs different?” We tailor each program to meet the nutritional needs of each person. Our programs are designed to burn fat and preserve lean muscle tissue. After achieving the goals for weight and body fat percentage, our programs are designed to enable each person to sustain these goals over a lifetime. This is where other commercial weight loss programs fall short, and this includes “fad” diets. Reality means you cannot go back to your previous unhealthy habits, but it doesn’t prevent you from being able to enjoy life!

Do you ever think about why you are eating?  Are you hungry? Do you eat because you are stressed, and your energy level has hit rock bottom? Do you find comfort in food when you are sad/happy/mad? Do you eat to satisfy sweet/salty cravings? Do you eat because the food is just there? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. We hear from clients that stress causes them to eat and they are really not even hungry. Beginning this month, we are going to be open from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm the first Thursday of each month for a time of fellowship and sharing of inspirational stories. Check our Facebook page for details. You do not have to be a member of Diet Center to come and join us! All we ask is that you call us and let us know you will be attending so that we can arrange seating for everyone. If you don’t call, but still are curious, come on anyway! We will have current and former clients available to share their success stories with you. Who knows, you may find a new friend and new inspiration for a healthy lifestyle!



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