The Year of the Pig: February 5th

We often think of horoscopes as untrue generalized statements about one of the twelve Western astrological signs that correspond with the birthdate of an individual.  Different than the constellations, with names such as Pieces, Leo, and Libra, for instance, there is another form of astrology derived from the Chinese, based not a month, but an animal sign for each year of a twelve-year cycle.  People who are born within the same lunar timeline have similar characteristics and fortune. Starting on the 23rdday of the 12thlunar month, the Chinese celebrate the New Year, also known as the Spring Festival; therefore, on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, the Dog Year will end and the Pig Year begins.

The Rat Won the Race

According to Chinese legend, the order of the 12 animals derives from folklore dating back to 200 BC.  The Jade Emperor devised a tournament of the animals, enticing them to win a spot on the calendar by coming to the kingdom.  Crafty rat left his friend cat behind, jumped onto ox’s back, who didn’t mind the rat as his opponent, and carried him.  Sadly, ox came in second. Distracted by eating, pig arrived last, and cat, not at all.

Characteristics of the Pig

The previous years of the pig were in 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and will not be celebrated again until 2031. These distinct years may provide you with an understanding of the characteristics of those born under the 12thyear.  The Chinese are preparing for a year of flexibility, intuitiveness, and happiness.

Although the pig is symbolic of wealth, his chubby face and large ears have a connection to good fortune. Characteristically, the pig enjoys life, his family, and its rewards, which requires the need for strong organizational practices and hard work. Not all “Pig Years” are the same. Variances imposed by the four moon phrases – new and waxing moon, full and waning moon – change with their generation.  As the universe and its creatures regularly cycle, natural elements such as metal, water, wood, fire, earth, and back to water influence destiny and fortune.

In 2019, the Earth has the potential to stabilize or fix problems. It reminds believers to remain aware of priorities such as friends, work, and finances; otherwise, the year may result in losses.

The Friends of Pig

Warm-hearted and honest, the people born under the pig sign have set a high value on friendship.   It seems that whenever a friend is in need, they will help without hesitation.  Considering Chinese astrology comprises 12 animal signs, pig people are most compatible with protective and warm loving tigers, intelligent yet quiet rabbits, and harmonious with goats.  While pigs treat all he or she meets warmly, clashing personalities make it difficult for a friendship with certain types. Pigs are generally amiable among others, but they struggle most with the smart and cunning snake and monkey people.

The Chinese New Year

Preparation for the Spring Festival eve is a time of house cleaning and decorations.  Red posters adorned with poetic verses may hang on doors while celebratory pictures of previous New Year pictures of a fish, lantern, or firecracker decorate the walls.  Homes also feature red lanterns, a symbolic message which “pursues the bright and the beautiful.”  Aspiring windfalls of luck, fireworks or firecrackers may be set to cast away misfortune, or the intention of money by receiving little red envelopes containing “lucky money.”  Reuniting with relatives, family members wear new clothes to inspire a prosperous year to come.  Festivities include beating drums, striking gongs, and performing the traditional dragon and lion dances.

Investing Time in Chinese Astrology

Beyond the curiosity to know the name of your animal sign and its characteristics, researching Chinese astrology may give you a personal understanding of self and close and complicated relationships.  A connection to worship heaven and earth 4000 years ago through lunar months, the moons, and a chart of animals couldn’t necessarily be wrong.



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