New year. New logo. New name.

It’s been a busy season here at Nu expression–oops, sorry about that, we’re actually no longer called Nu expression. We’re Nu! That’s right–just Nu. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

Everyone adds an “S” to our name. 

It’s understandable, and we never took it personally. However, Nu Expression*s* is apparently a very popular hair salon in the area. 

While we wish we were that multifaceted, we are most certainly NOT a hair salon (I mean, c’mon, have you seen our CEO? He’s balder than Vin Diesel), and many a confused customer has wandered through our doors looking for a type of cut, color, and style we simply can’t offer here in the lobby of our marketing firm.

It’s simple, and we dig simplicity.

We’re all about it. After all, our motto is “Marketing made simple. Growth you can count on.” Here at Nu express––sorry, old habits die hard…anyway, here at Nu, we love collaborating on creative marketing solutions that are simple, clear, and effective. The way we see it, our name and branding should be as clear and simple as our processes. Side note: We also enjoy collaborating on ways to troll our boss…did we mention Bruce Willis has more hair on his head than he does? (Hi, Brian.)

It’s already our nickname. We’re just making it official. 

More and more, we’ve found ourselves naturally dropping “expression” from our name. You’ll hear us chatting about things like “our Nu family,” “the Nu team,” and what’s going on “here at Nu.” It’s always felt like a term of endearment around here, and we want to share those warm, fuzzy feelings with all of you (you know, along with our stellar marketing skills). 

“Nu.” It’s short, sweet and to the point.
It’s simple, just like our marketing plans.

Which leads us to our next bit of news, we also have a “Nu” look. Over the years, we’ve refined and improved our services, and we’re excited about our new logo, website, and merchandise more accurately reflecting who we are, what we do, and why we do it, and that’s:

“Marketing made simple. Growth you can count on.”

Give us a call at 336.765.5505 or visit our (really cool) new website to schedule a chat with our VP of Sales & Operations (he’s pretty cool, too) about how we could partner with your business.

 Bonus: It’s on the house!


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