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If there is a universal lesson our world has collectively learned in the last year, it’s the importance of adapting. We’ve learned that patience is an underrated virtue. We’ve renewed our appreciation for community and collaboration.  And while the need for high-quality medical services did not diminish in 2020, Novant Health WomanCare was not immune to the need to adapt and change as well. And yet, through it all, they maintain their tradition of excellent teamwork and service to the patients they serve.

“Our clinic has enjoyed a long-time reputation for excellent care,” said Jennifer Greenly, clinic administrator, “We had the challenge of maintaining our tradition of teamwork and service in unique ways.  Our staff rose to the occasion, though, and without skipping a beat – even while adding new providers to our team.  We came through stronger than ever, and our patients have continued to show their support for the care we give them.”

A Welcoming Place for Women

“I had a great visit today. Check-in and out was easy and quick! Receptionists were very friendly!” ~ B.B.

“Our patients are busy people,” said Jennifer. “We value and respect their time, so hospitality is the first priority when our patients arrive.  We want them to feel welcome and take the complications out of making appointments, scheduling procedures, and filing insurance.  Our team at reception and billing respect our patients and consistently go that extra mile to make sure all questions are answered in a timely fashion.  Our scheduling team ensures that patients know and understand what needs to happen on arrival, and we pride ourselves on excellent communication.

“And in a COVID world,” said Jennifer, “it’s more important than ever.  We have utilized technology to the fullest, including telemedicine visits, to meet our patients’ needs safely.  Our front desk and administrative staff make that possible.”

Communication is Key

“This is my first pregnancy, and these wonderful people are doing a fantastic job taking care of the baby and me and keeping us well informed.” ~ A.E.

“During COVID, we were faced with a unique challenge.  How do we serve women in the safest way possible?  We started by setting up shift rotations and also utilizing telephonic visits,” Jennifer said. “While certain visits and procedures had to be done in person, we were able to offer video visits for many of our patients – especially for routine follow-ups and our nutrition services.

“At the heart of all of that – communication at WomanCare is a priority.  We never want our patients to feel confused or in the dark.  Our team strives for transparency, and we work together to make sure our patients’ voices are heard.  We never want to take for granted the concerns they have.  We do this every day; they don’t.  So we are sensitive to that and will keep the lines of communication open until the patient feels all her questions have been answered.”

Providers are Essential

“I have never met a doctor who was more caring. Thank you for being so concerned for my family’s welfare. You are the type of care providers that get the job done right.” –O.T.

“Essential was one of the buzzwords of 2020, and in our world – our whole team delivers essential services. Whether it’s the doctor offering obstetrics care to a first-time mom, one of our nurse practitioners counseling a family on the next steps, one of our RNs assisting with a procedure, or a patient services coordinator coordinating multiple appointments or referrals for our patients – our team continually demonstrates that everyone at WomanCare has an important role to play in the overall health care of women.

“We are proud of the way even our patients feel they are part of this family.”

Care for Every Woman

“At WomanCare, we have worked hard to provide services that will meet the needs of women at every stage of life.  Our clinic includes in-house lab work, making it convenient for patients who need to have blood work done during their visit.  We have nutrition counseling and ultrasound services, plus we offer adolescent care for young women, which helps prepare them as their bodies change through the teenage years.

“Additionally,” said Jennifer, “WomanCare offers minor surgeries and procedures that enable our patients to come here, rather than the hospital.  Some of our procedures include evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding, treatment of abnormal or heavy menstrual bleeding, removal of uterine polyps, and more.  Our patients appreciate the kindness and care they receive from professionals they know and trust.”

Jennifer said, “WomanCare is a caring place for women – a safe place where they can trust they will be given exceptional health care by a team who is committed to their well-being.”

Novant Health WomanCare’s main office is located at 114 Charlois Blvd. in Winston-Salem.  The Clemmons office is located at 4130 Clemmons Road, and the Kernersville location is at 1730 Kernersville Medical Parkway, Suite 104. Appointments for any of these three locations can be made by calling 336.765.5470 or by using MyChart through the Novant Health online patient portal.  Visit online at nhwomancare.org.  You can also like Novant Health WomanCare on Facebook.

While many incredibly caring people make up the tapestry that is Novant Health WomanCare, we invite you to meet some of the amazing team members featured on the cover of this month’s issue!

Sharonda Conrad, Patient service coordinator

“For 15 years, I’ve worked at WomanCare as a Patient Service Coordinator. It’s my job to welcome our patients, help them with their paperwork, and schedule their procedures.  The name of the practice says it all – we are WomanCare.  We treat the whole woman with care.”

Rhonda Dixon, Women’s health nurse practitioner

“I’ve been with WomanCare since 2007 and see patients daily.  I enjoy working with all the providers and helping women.  We work well together, and this is definitely a team environment.  Best of all, this clinic feels like family.  Not only do we care about one another as a family of professionals, but we want what is best for our patients.”

Traci Hite, Family nurse practitioner

“WomanCare is a warm, welcoming, friendly, family environment.  I joined the team in 2020, and despite starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic, I’ve found a professional home here.  I love the area and community.  Our patients are lovely people, and it is our privilege to care for them – whether they are here for a pregnancy, routine health check, or special procedure.”

Abby Jones, Registered nurse

“I have been a nurse for six years and at WomanCare for three.  I love working with our obstetric patients and assisting with various procedures.  We can average between 100 – 200 patients per day, and it never gets old.  Every situation is different, and I just love caring for each patient.”

Ana Olivera, Certified medical assistant

“Every day at WomanCare is different, and there are always new challenges and opportunities.  In my two years with the clinic, I’ve enjoyed the team environment and the fact that this is a place that values family.”

Jaleema Speaks, Ob-gyn physician

“One of my favorite parts of my job is the relational component.  One year, I may visit a young woman for her first gynecological exam…. A few years later, I will care for her during her first pregnancy….  And later, work with her when she is beginning menopause.  And while we want all pregnancies to be healthy, we know that’s not always the case.  So caring for women through fertility issues and loss – I’m very aware of the amount of trust given to us, and I hold that trust very carefully.”

Temple Steele, Ob-gyn physician

“I finished my residency at WomanCare and was thrilled to be able to join the team.  I am honored to be a part of my patients’ lives at all their various stages and milestones.  This is a very patient-centric environment, and our team works hard to tailor the experience for each woman’s unique needs.  Now that families can participate in sessions again, I feel like we’re getting back to normal and the whole care of a woman – which includes her family.”


Thank you to our photographer, Jon Eric Johnson, who masterfully coordinated a safe photo shoot for our cover!  Our staff were photographed individually and wore masks until it was their turn to be photographed.


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