Will You Be My “Single” Valentine?

Happy “Single Awareness Day”?? For plenty of single women, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with those “hmmph, must be nice” moments. Well, here’s how to enjoy the holiday as a single!

First, avoid social media. If it pains you as a single woman to see lovey-dovey couples spattered all over your Instagram feed, it’s probably best to stay away from social media. If you need to, temporarily delete your social apps for up to three days: the day before Valentine’s Day, the day of, and the day after (because it’s likely that some of those day-old photos are still showing up on your feed!). As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So guard your heart!

Round up your single girlfriends for a “single ladies’ night out!” You can still go out and enjoy yourselves on a day that favors couples. What is something you and your girlfriends like to do? Some good ideas for fun include going out to see a movie, eating out for dinner, going on a road trip, a shopping trip, or a spa day. Go downtown to see what’s hoppin’! Or, if going out is not your thing, try having a “girls’ night in.” Your experience will be more enjoyable with single friends who you can relate to. Perhaps one of them will see the brighter side of singleness and end up encouraging you? Or maybe some of you will end up meeting someone special? Either way, spending time with your single friends, whether at home or out and about, will be a memorable experience filled with love.

Spend time with your family. With family, you often find an abundance of love, laughs, and a creation of new memories. Make plans for a family Valentine’s Day outing! Go out to a nice restaurant, but not one that’s too pricey (NOTE: there will be crowds on Love Day!). See what good movies are playing. Have a Valentine’s lunch date with your sister, mother, grandmother, and/or your daughter. They will appreciate it! And when you’re out spotting all the loving hand-holding couples, just remember that no matter who you are with, you are surrounded by LOVE! Just be encouraged that if it is God’s will for your life, He will bless you with the one you are meant to spend the rest of your life with at the perfect time.

Treat yourself. Some people believe in buying cards, flowers, candies, and gifts for themselves on Valentine’s Day. If that’s your way to bounce, go for it! Whatever makes you feel loved and satisfied, indulge in it (that is, without overindulging)! Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure, have a personal spa day, either at home or in local spots, eat at your favorite restaurant, or, if you like to keep it simple, stay at home and have a Netflix marathon with your favorite meal…or ice cream! Please don’t neglect to show yourself some love on this day because if you don’t love yourself, no one else will.

Make a list of the positives of being single. Despite what the media or society says, being single can be a good thing. That’s right, I said it! What do you think are some blessings that come along with your singlehood? Here are a few items to spill onto your list: learning to love yourself; growing closer to God and finding spiritual fulfillment; learning the will for your life; gaining confidence in yourself, and gaining independence and strength. Feel free to add anything else to your list! This can change your mood and turn your day around.

Give love. One of the greatest remedies for Valentine bitterness is showing love to others despite any loneliness we may feel. You can show love by sending a friend a Valentine’s Day card, making cupcakes for your coworkers, calling a distant friend or relative to let them know you are thinking of them, or simply by giving someone a hug and a kind word. Whatever your love language is, use it to shower love!

Valentine’s Day is not only a celebration of couples, but a celebration of love, no matter where the love comes from…even if you’re single!


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