Gorilla Glass: Scratch Proofing the Modern World

BY MARK MATHOSIAN   Take a peek at your smartphone or tablet. If its surface has only a very few scratches after lots of use, then the glass was most likely forged in a plant owned by Corning located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The story of how Corning’s tough glass came to be on our cell […]

Dating Tips for Women Over 40 What to Do and Not to Do

Depending on what you might have heard or read online, a 40-plus woman doesn’t need special techniques or tricks to begin dating after a long-term relationship. Keep it simple! What worked at 25 is what will work at 40 and beyond – you just have to remember that you are not only a ‘catch’ but […]

Budget Bzzzz: The Mystery of Sales

S.A.L.E. I love hearing and reading the word “sale,” because I know where there’s a sale, there is money to be saved. However, when it comes to finding deals in stores, it is important to understand the fine print. Sometimes, an item on sale ends up costing you the same amount, if not more, as […]

How to Host a Touchdown of a Super Bowl Party

Go. Fight. Win. Who’s ready for some football? Here are a few simple ideas to throw a Super Bowl Party that stands out from the crowd. The Food Let’s be honest. One of the best things about a party is the food. Make sure to have plenty on hand for your guests and remember this […]

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Within the past several months, many people have heard and read stories about the opioid epidemic that has, sadly, become commonplace in the news. According to The New York Times article “The Opioid Epidemic: A Crisis Years in the Making,” the United States is currently facing “the deadliest drug crisis in American history.” It is […]

Birthstone Meanings: Your Guide to Gorgeous Gems

BY TABATHA RENEGAR From our very early birthdays, we know what our birthstones are. But did you know that birthstones may have originated in the bible? The following passage from Exodus 28:17-20 is often cited as proof of this: “There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each […]

The 2018 Winter Olympics: To PyeongChang, South Korea We Go

On Friday, February 9th, athletes from around the world will come together for the opening ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, more commonly referred to as the 2018 Winter Olympics. For the next 17 days, 90 countries will compete in over 100 events in 15 different sports, and will celebrate international camaraderie and sportsmanship, […]

Diane Faison: The Spirit of Harriet Tubman

A wise person once said, “If we ignore history, we are doomed to repeat it.” Retired teacher Diane Faison embraces the truth of that statement, and with that in mind, she has created a one-woman performance that enables her audience to take a step back in time and meet the legendary Harriet Tubman. As a […]

Local Design Students Polish a Historic Gem

By Isabella Migliarese And Bailey Chu Every semester, student designers from UNCG’s Interior Architecture program design interior spaces ranging from commercial, to healthcare facilities, to residential and hospital projects, often collaborating with industry and community partners. However, it is rare for students to see their design reach the installation phase in a residential setting, as […]

Camel City Creates: Local Author Writes a Poetry Book for Her Daughter

Elizabeth Dimmette Coyne is a woman of many talents: graphic designer, writer and the owner of S2dio (pronounced “Studio”). S2dio covers Elizabeth’s many creative enterprises, both personal and professional, including art direction, graphic design, writing, publishing, various applied arts, and at one time, a mobile art supply store. She is a graduate of NC State School […]

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